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eco-friendly vendors, and much more! Free. East side of Lake Eola, downtown Orl. Details:

Heartfulness Meditation Workshop. Learn a simple, practical way to relax deeply, reduce stress, increase focus and discover one’s unlimited potential. Two 3-hr workshops offered. (morning or afternoon). Free. Westmonte Park Auditorium, Alt Spgs. Pre-registration is recommended due to space/seating. Details: Register at: or call Monika 914-831-8121.

My Herbal Medicine Cabinet This hands-on workshop will include creating your home fi rst aid kit, understanding herbal home remedies for com- mon ailments, discerning when to treat at home vs. when to seek care, identifying symptoms of com- mon emergency health conditions, and caring for a variety of acute conditions. 10a-7p. $99. Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl, 407-595-3731.

SUNDAY APR 24 & 30

Drum Building Workshop with Greywolf. Two Sundays: 10a-8p. Build your own djembe! Build a new custom drum or re-head a drum shell you already own. Get the full experience of owning and playing a drum. We will also learn to rope tune our drums during this workshop. $125 tuition, plus material costs paid directly to the instructor. Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl 407-595-3731.


Painting for the Soul We will focus on identifying blockages which inhibit growth and methods of purging this stale energy through cathartic expres- sion. 6:30-9p. $30 includes one 18 x 24 canvas,

along with all other materials. Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl, 407-595-3731.


Herbal Workshop Weekly Series Topic: All About Elder w/ Maggie O’Halloran and Cat Pante. Elder is a beautiful, fascinating, and incredibly benefi cial fl owering fruit tree that has been a part of folk wis- dom throughout the world for centuries. Come learn why the fruit of the elder is so wonderful, how to harvest and what to do with the fl owers and the ber- ries, and what tasty medicinal recipes you can use to enrich your healing. 6:30-8:30p. $20 per workshop, or sign up for 10 & get one Free! Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl 407-595-3731.


Fairy Gardens w/ Karen Uhlmeyer. 9-10a. Free. South Seminole Farm & Nursery, Casselberry, 407-695-3247.

Earth Fest 2016 12-6p, followed by concert 6-8p. Many eco-friendly vendors and artisans presenting indoors and outdoors. Paddle Fest, family-friendly activities, environmental education & more. Secret Lake Park at Casselberry Recreation Center. De- tails:

Free Soul Healing in the Park w/ Master Geho Gold. Take in the fresh air and beautiful nature while receiving soul healing wisdom, practical healing techniques and blessings. Master Geho healed debilitating conditions with soul healing. You can, too. 9–10:30a. Free. Bring a chair to 1500 S. Denning Dr, Winter Park. 386-341-1736.

Labyrinth Design Workshop This special of- fering is sponsored by the Florida Federation of

Pro-Active Health Orlando Now Open In College Park

Prevent, Reverse or Mitigate chronic health conditions like

Food Sensitivities • Elevated Blood Sugar • Joint Pain using the principles of Functional Medicine to address the root cause of your symptoms.

If you know something isn't right and another prescription isn't the

Marian C. Chase MSN ARNP 35 years experience

answer you are looking for, let's work together.

801 Vassar Street • Orlando, FL 32804 38 Central Florida natural awakenings


Garden Clubs and the Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living. Melinda Joy Miller is the author of Shamanic Gardening:Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden and founder of the Shambhalla Institute, where many unique programs combine ancient wisdom and modern permaculture. This workshop will focus specifi- cally on how to create a 7-Path Labyrinth. 10a-4p. $25 Suggested Donation. Pre-reg: FFGC, 1400 S. Denning, WP 32789. 407-647-7016.


VegCF First Monday Vegan Potluck Hosted by Vegetarians of Central FL, join us from 7-9p. Requested donation per person: a vegan dish or $10.First Unitarian Church of Orlando. RSVP:


Resolving the Family Food Feud: If your picky eater(s) make mealtime a real “mess,” join Sharon Thetford, Psy.D and Sandra Wainman, OTR/L for an enlightening seminar. They will explain the reasons—both sensory and behav- ioral—for picky eating. End the food frenzy and resolve mealtime frustration! 6pm, Free. Can- nizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center, Longwood, RSVP: or 321-280-5867.

A forest bird never wants a cage.


PAST LIFE REGRESSION Live T e Life You Were Meant To Live

A Unique Hypnosis T erapy

Where You Experience a Past Life and Contact Your Higher Self to Further Your Development

Carla D. Kohberger, MA Certifi ed QHHT Therapist • 407-291-9766 ROLFING®

• Reduction of physical pain (Carpal- Tunnel, Neck, Back and Hip Pain, etc.)

• More effi cient use of muscles • Increased energy • Change in body contours • Comfortable, safe and long-lasting

ROBYN MARTIN Certifi ed Advanced Rolfer®

Rolf Movement Practitioner (407) 645-2309

235 S. Maitland Avenue • Suite 213 • Maitland www.rolfi

Free consultations and literature

available on request. MA 0025820

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