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Organic Vegetable Gardening w/ Jim Hunter. 9-10a. Free. South Seminole Farm & Nursery, Casselberry, 407-695-3247.

Healing Series w/ Harisimran Khalsa.4/9 & 5/14. Includes: Very effective healing techniques through light yoga, healing meditation, gong meditation, sound therapy for balancing internal organs and foods for healing Delicious vegetarian meal in- cluded. Noon ~ 2p. $72 for both days. Kundalini Yoga Center, Alt Sprgs. 407-767-8717.

Crafting Herbal Beauty & Body Care Products Gain hands on experience & have fun making your own healthy, inexpensive, and effective herbal beauty care products. You will craft organic herbal body wash, organic foaming hand soap, Exfoliating Miracle Face Grains, and an organic probiotic deodor- ant. You will also receive a booklet containing some of my favorite recipes. 10a-6p. Tuition $ 100. Pre-reg: Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl, 407-595-3731.

Infrared Sauna: Burn calories, reduce cellu- lite, reduce pain & stress, detox, help arthritis, improve circulation, help heal cancer. Special pricing. Call for appt. The Nature’s Garden, Mtld. 407-599-0406.


Companion Planting: The harmony between plants can create an environment of support & balance. Learn about how to support your garden with plant allies. 2-4p. $25. Pre-reg: Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl, 407-595-3731.

Foodie Day Sponsored by Enzian and the Florida Film Festival. “Locally Fresh!” Documentary held




at Enzian 11a-12:30p. $12; Brunch buffet using Locally-Grown produce/items 11a-2:30p (no tickets reqd for brunch) $13.99; Farmer’s Market on lawn after brunch; “Seed: The Untold Story” Documentary held at WP Village 2:15p $9. Details at:

MONDAY APR 11 Stone Circle Group for Women w/ Jan Herrick. Women of all ages and mature teens are welcome to attend. 7:15-8:30p. Love offering $10 refresh- ments offered. Please RSVP. New World Wellness, Kissimmee, 407-847-8792.

100-point Body Scan Wellness Inspection Safe, non-invasive, painless, this assessment can identify over 50,000 items including allergies, stress and other sensitivities. FDA-approved. Free. The Nature’s Gar- den, Maitland. Call for a 15-min appt: 407-599-0406.

TUESDAY APR 12 Access Your Ideal Self w/ Diane Ross, M.A., Certifi ed Hypnotist, Master Practitioner NLP and author of Meditations for Miracles, and Peter Parsley, Social Engineer. Peter will give you some life hacks from the Social Engineering point of view, and using deep relaxation and NLP (neurolin- guistic programming) techniques, Diane will give you anchors, or triggers, so that you can access your Ideal Self at any time, any place, under any circumstances. 7-8p. $15. The Winter Park Library. Diane: 407-898-7918.

Ear Candling Safe, natural and painless treatment for ear conditions: cleansing, infections, Tinnitus, loss of hearing & more. Service includes 2 Free Quality Candles. The Nature’s Garden, Maitland. 407-599-0406.

When life

knocks the wind out of you…

 helps you breathe again!

 Nutrition  

Hydration  

   I


Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment for Adolescents & Adults Seminar w/ Dr. Channing Bolick. 6:30p. Free. Casselberry Library: Jean Rhein Central Branch Library, 215 N. Oxford Road, Casselberry, 32707. Limited class size, please RSVP: 407-278-5253.

Do you have a ‘Green’ Home? With so many toxic products on the market today for cleaning, just breathing can be a challenge! Discover natural solutions to turn your home into an eco-friendly, green home with a spa-like atmosphere easily with products from nature. 7-8:30p. $5. RSVP: Diana Ewald, 407-399-8562.

Wisdom of Weeds – Edible and Medicinal Plants Learn nutritive and tonic herbs, herbs as food, self-care tips & recipes from Emily Ruff, Executive Director of the Florida School of Holistic Living. 10a. Free. Winter Park Garden Club, 1300 S. Denning Drive, WP. 407-644-5770.


Herbal Workshop Weekly Series Topic: Herbal Nightcaps & Remedies for Sleep w/ Shannon Lock- hart. Learn more about the healing world of plants! 6:30-8:30p. $20 per workshop, or sign up for 10 & get one Free! Florida School of Holistic Living, Orl 407-595-3731.


Foot & Hand Detox Baths - Buy One-Get One Half Price! Detox your entire body of high acid- ity, parasites, heavy metals, yeast, many more toxins & build your immune system defenses in 30 minutes or less. The Nature’s Garden, Maitland. Appt: 407-599-0406.

magine a place where you are valued enough to have quality time spent with you while you heal. No service is ever rushed at AIRS.

AIRS Global empowers you to reach an ideal and harmonious state in overcoming health challenges through natural therapies. We assist you in regain- ing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle without the adverse side effects.

Call today to Discover Your Miraculous Body, Mind & Spirit!

April Special 

407-209-3977 By Appointment Only Join the Premier Executive Club 36 Central Florida natural awakenings

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