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Coloring Books for Adults: Really? YES, Really...

“Really? What other gimmick will they come up with next?” Well, little did I know then that I was about to become a big fan of the whole idea..not to mention a coloring book addict!


As soon as I decided to set aside my “I’m too old for this—and I don’t want to look ridiculous” attitude, I remembered a transformational psychology class I had in school which required that I choose my favorite activity from when I was a child, practice it every day for a week, and then report on it.Which activity did I choose? Coloring. I still remember the wonderful feelings I had from reconnecting with my childhood that way: the sense of freedom, of childlike innocence, of pure and simple joy. And these are just some of the many

benefi ts you might notice when you start coloring books on a regular basis. This activity is not only fun; it helps you get in touch with your artistic, creative side, and you might fi nd yourself using that creativity at home and at work. One of the clients to whom I recommended it mentioned that, after trying the coloring books for only one week, she was able to accomplish during that week the work that normally would have taken her about a month (creating new brochures, fl yers and business forms for her company). Among other advantages, coloring books can also help you de-stress, relieve

hen I fi rst started noticing the “coloring books for adults” fad, I couldn’t help but think:

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anxiety and even achieve a meditative state. It calms the mind, allowing you to feel more centered and grounded. I have also personally noticed its mood- balancing effects, as well as an increased sense of joy and contentment. From an integrative care perspective, this activity has the potential to help improve your health in general, as the shapes and colors you choose are likely to be exactly the ones you need for the healing and balancing of your body, mind and spirit. I didn’t think I had time for this. Now I make time for this because of its countless benefi ts. I have also recommended it to friends, family and several of my hypnotherapy/life coaching clients, with great success. Coloring therapy is often used with children and young adults by many therapists and health centers, and it’s gradually becoming more common as part of the treatment of certain healthcare issues in adults, such as addiction recovery symptoms. Below are a few of my favorite books. In short, coloring books for adults are no joke! Give it a try. Gisele Marasca-Vargas is a local Hypnotherapist/Life Coach, blog writer and the owner of The Ragi Center for Self Awareness in Winter Park. Connect at or call at 407-792-1634.

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