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The company offers a comprehensive pump range.

Bright outlook

Generac now offers a varied equipment range and expects demand from hirers to increase steadily. Alan Guthrie reports.

Exhibiting at the Showman’s Show for the first time, Generac Mobile Products highlighted the broad range of products it now offers, appealing to diverse markets. Well-known for its popular VT1 lighting tower, the manufacturer has steadily developed new complementary models, which now include the environmentally-friendly VT1 Eco, the VT-Hybrid incorporating a battery/diesel system with automatic charging, the VB9 designed to run for up to 340 hours between refuelling, and the recently launched Cube+ range.

Generac’s has launched the Hydro Power Box (left).

Cube+ models can be fitted with 150W, 230W or 300W LED lamps or 1,000W metal halide heads, and LED units are powered by a low-voltage 24V motor, so that high voltages are excluded from the external cables. Rather than a traditional welded frame, the machines are of bolted construction to help prevent rusting, vibration and wear. Four engine choices

are available, including a diesel powered single-cylinder 3,000rpm engine, a twin-cylinder 1,500 rpm power unit, or a triple-cylinder 1,500 rpm engine. The fourth option is a hybrid power configuration. Cube+ models have Generac’s GTL-01 control panel, which can be fitted with telematics technology for remote monitoring.

Launched at the Show was the Hydro Power Box, which rather resembled the Tardis from the ‘Dr Who’ television series, owing to its height of approximately 2.5m, excluding the mast. Designed for high- risk locations, it has no projecting parts and the controls are housed in a locking enclosure. Three variants are offered, comprising two with four 150W or 300W LED lamps, and one having four 1,000W metal halide lights. “The machine is too tall to climb easily and it is ideal for use at events because there are no trip hazards,” Sales Director Nikolas Luketic told EHN. “We have seen tremendous growth in orders for LED lighting towers this year, and demand for hybrid machines is up by 50%. More users and hirers are seeking equipment that reduces fuel consumption and lowers their carbon footprint.



“We have been expanding our product portfolio and have built up a varied line-up that complements our lighting towers, and which can iron out seasonal variations in demand. We now offer the range of generators from Pramac, which Generac acquired earlier this year, and which will retain its brand identity. It offers machines with capacities of up to 3mW, as well as a range of material handling equipment such as manual and electric pallet trucks.”

Generac supplies Dust Fighter machines which spray a fine mist of water for on-site dust suppression, as well as a range of self- contained Wash Racks for cleaning plant and machinery. The company has also introduced a comprehensive selection of pumps from 4in to 12in. Key Account Manager Andy Thompson believes that these represent considerable potential for hirers who have appropriate operations in place. “The biggest factor in pump hire is service and backup, which you have to be able to supply 24 hours a day. Personnel also need to be trained in selecting the right product in terms of flow, the distance over which water has to be displaced, and the appropriate pipework and connections. With climate change affecting weather patterns and increasing flooding risks, the demand for these products will grow.”

Indeed, Nikolas Luketic says that Generac is preparing for increased demand across its product ranges. “We have appointed more people at our UK headquarters in Milton Keynes, including

additional sales and service personnel, and we now employ 11 staff. We are receiving more and more customer enquiries for hybrid machines and other energy-saving products, and we can also develop bespoke solutions. We believe the need for environmentally-friendly products will a major factor in driving demand over the next few years.”

The compact DF Smart for on-site dust suppression. • 01908 571435

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