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Industry Awards

Live Show Outstanding Achievement: Le Dernier Panache, Puy Du Fou, Les Epesses, France. The theatre that hosts this historical pageant features a large pool and a 2,500-capacity area that rotates on a huge turntable as it follows performers from scene to scene around a 360° stage. The story traces the career of a young naval officer from during the American Revolutionary War through to the final days of the French Revolution. With an original musical score, dynamic sets, mapped projection, ornate costumes and exciting stunts, the 34-minute show is theatrical storytelling on a grand scale, with a high level of technical sophistication.

Springfield USA at Universal Studios Hollywood

experience from a passive gallery to an immersive experience, allowing visitors to get to know the artist in new ways. It is currently traveling through China on a multi-year booking throughout 30 cities.

Themed Food and Beverage Experience: Springfield USA, Universal Studios Hollywood, California. Homer Simpson is always eating – and his outlandish taste in food are part of the appeal that has given The Simpsons animated TV series its popularity. Springfield USA is an outstanding example of how a theme park can successfully incorporate food into the theming to enhance the guest experience.

Museum Exhibit on a Limited Budget: Transformations, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California. Riveting videos tell of personal transformation of Long Beach community members in the face of complex experiences that include cancer, prison and gang violence. The common thread is the support received from family and friends that led to the transformation of each participant, and the importance of their connection to art.

Connected Immersion in Education: Senate Immersion Module, Edward M Kennedy Institute for the US Senate, Boston, USA. This role-playing experience uniquely demonstrates the power of democracy in action. Unfolding within a full-scale model of the Senate Chamber in Washington DC, students are sworn in as senators for the day, learn about an issue, debate it and vote on it.

Eco-friendly Destination: Center Parcs Le Domaine du Bois Aux Daims, Les Trois-Moutiers, France. Set in a pleasant woodland destination, this Cener Parcs property features challenging design, rich leisure opportunities, authenticity and storytelling. Families can stay in one of 800 wooden cottages or 11 themed tree houses and take part in activities including walking, cycling, boating and zip-lining. Wild and tame animals are also featured on site.

Theme Park Outstanding Achievement: Shanghai Disneyland. The 12th Disney park worldwide and largest to feature a castle represents excellence on an international scale, preserving the best of Walt Disney’s original vision, while pioneering a host of dazzling new creations. It is a massive and successful, state-of- the-art world-class achievement with groundbreaking technology and creative design, production and execution.

Attraction Outstanding Achievement: Camp Discovery, Shanghai Disneyland. Comprised of three major components – Challenge Trails, Vista Trail and Excavation Site – Camp Discovery delivers hands-on, participatory entertainment that will continue to engage over multiple visits and is ambitious in scale and complexity, rich in story, and big on adventure.

Attraction Outstanding Achievement: Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure, Shanghai Disneyland. Based upon the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that first opened at Disneyland in 1967, Sunken Treasure is housed in a mammoth 175,000 sq ft facility in the Shanghai park’s Treasure Cove area and features Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones from the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Seamless technology, a new controllable boat ride system, operatic scale scenery, large format projection, special effects, illusions and next-generation Audio-Animatronic technology produce a signature next-step achievement.

April in

Anaheim The latest slate of Thea Award winners will be formally recognised on April 22 at the Thea Awards Gala, Disneyland, Anaheim (Los Angeles). The black-tie event, capacity for which has been increased this year, will follow two days of education and networking at the annual TEA Summit. Always a very slick and entertaining affair, the award ceremony will be produced for a third year by Phil Hettema of The Hettema Group, and sponsored by Thea Award- winning Chinese theme park group Chimelong. Tickets for the Gala are now on sale at so dust off your dinner suit.

BELOW: WaterWorld: A Live Sea War Spectacular at Universal Studios Hollywood, winner of the Thea Classic Award

Shanghai Disneyland, a multiple Thea Award winner JANUARY 2017 37

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