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Park News

So long Søren! Fårup's fresh future


he Danish amusement park Fårup Sommerland is to undergo a change of ownership as Søren Kragelund (pictured) steps down as CEO, selling

his shares to partner Henrik Schnack. “Of course it is with a certain sadness that we are announcing that Søren has decided, as he reaches 68, to sell his owner's share in the company and is stepping down as director and board member,” says Fårup chairman Ole Mølgaard. “Over half a lifetime, he has created a successful and eminent lighthouse in North Jutland and Denmark. His vision, innovation and hard work is the reason why Fårup Sommerland is, today, an extremely well-run company and an

Casino Pier 2017

New Jersey's Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, will add two new rides for 2017 as part of a brand new structure that is being built on the north end of the existing pier. Replacing the steel coaster that became iconic

after it was swept into the sea during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a brand new Gerstlauer Euro- Fighter coater, yet to be named, will open this season. It will feature a signature 72ft (22m) vertical lift and beyond-vertical drop. Tracking at 45 mph (72kmh), passengers will glide through the compact 1,050ft (320m) layout which includes a vertical loop, Immelman turn and a heartline roll. Two eight-passenger cars will be supplied.

In addition to the new rollercoaster, Casino Pier will also be adding a 40m (131ft) Ferris Wheel manufactured by Technical Park, offering views of the boardwalk, beach and Atlantic Ocean.

internationally renowned amusement park. Everyone owes Søren Kragelund a big thank you.” The park, twice recognised as second best in

Europe (under 1 million attendance) in the European Star Awards, was established in 1975 by Søren's father, Anders Kragelund, and Henrik Schanck's mother, Kamma Schnack. In 1996, the current owners and cousins took joint ownership, with 50% each. “This is a big, but also very considered, decision I

have made,” explains Søren Kragelund. “I've enjoyed more than 40 fantastic years in Fårup, but my children are pursuing their own careers in London and Copenhagen. It is, therefore, a very good solution for

myself and my family that the Schnack family has the opportunity to take over my owner's share.” Henrik Schnack, whose sons Martin and Jacob will

now assist him in the running of the park, says that the core values Fårup stands for will be retained. Søren Kragelund will remain as a consultant until the 2017 season begins in May. Board member and former auditor Tage Borregaard has taken up the role of interim director until a new CEO is found.

Launch coaster construction begins

in Blackpool Work to build the UK’s first ever double launch rollercoaster got underway at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on December 1. The Mack Rides attraction, working title Construction 18, will feature 1.14km of track, a highest point of 88.5ft (27m) and travel at speeds of up to 80km/h as it interacts 15 times with five other Pleasure Beach attractions. Initial work will focus on the point of interaction with the Big One rollercoaster, with ground being excavated in preparation for the foundations of the ride, comprisingapproximately 8,000 metres of pre-cast concrete and steel piles. Over 50 construction workers will be on site during this significant period of work, which is expected to last until March 2017. The ride itself will open in spring 2018, after a total investment of £16.25 million. Its name will be announcement at a later date.

Pleasure Beach deputy managing director Nick Thompson gets construction underway

Pirates to take flight at Quassy in '17

A new Gerstauer EuroFighter rollercoaster and 40m/131ft-tall Technical Park wheel are planned for the pier in 2017


Quassy Amusement Park owners Eric Anderson (left) and George Frantzis (centre) are seen here with marketing director Ron Gustafson in unveiling their new SBF/Visa flying pirate ship ride at the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. The park in Middlebury, Conneticuct, will introduce a new lakefront kiddieland area in 2017. As well as the pirate ride, which is called Skipper’s Clipper’s, it will also feature Up, Up & Away, a Zamperla Samba Balloon ride. The new attractions are expected to be ready for the park’s opening on Saturday, May 6.


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