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IAAPA at 50 celebrations continue


What's new at Old Town?

Florida's Old Town amusement park in Kissimmee, near Walt Disney World, has launched a series of renovations and additions as it reaches its 30th anniversary. One of those additions is a 25 metre-tall (82ft)

Ferris wheel manufactured by Fabbri and installed by Ridewerks, which was due to be up and ruuning in time for Old Town's Rock the Clock New Year's Eve Party, when its LED lighting package could be seen to full effect. For many years the park was known for its smaller Ferris wheel, so the new ride revives that spirit. A family friendly district full of shops, rides, food and entertainment, Old Town has taken a renewed focus on its classic image in recent years. Renovations so far include a new parking lot, entertainment area and carousel bar. Upcoming renovations include new signage, a renovated main street, new restaurants and retail. The rides at the back of Old Town’s property,

which as well as the wheel also include a Crazy Couch, Tilt-A-Whirl, Paratrooper and Carousel, are in fact owned and managed by the neighbouring Fun Spot; the two park enjoying a nice working relationship.

elebrating 50 years of ride manufacturing, creativity, innovation – and ultimately success – Zamperla served up cake and champagne at its booth during

Orlando's IAAPA Attractions Expo back in November. “It is with great pride that, as a family, this year we reach

our 50th anniversary," noted Alberto Zamperla. “The road has not been easy but, with love, passion and team work, every great challenge can be overcome. We thank you deeply for all the support you’ve shown us through the years. May we all be able to continue celebrating together for many, many years to come.” The celebrations on the show floor (and the cake wasn't bad we can tell you) were followed by a party for Zamperla's North American customers held at Walt Disney World.

Alberto Zamperla (right) with sons Antonio (left) and Alessandro

*Alberto Zamperla speaks exclusively to Park World about 50 years in the ride manufacturing business, see

Premier Rides ships to Qatar

An immersive dark-ride experience, a dramatic reverse magnetic launch through the roof of the building soaring to a height of nearly 60 meters, followed by a thrilling coaster experience is ready to become reality in Qatar’s capital city Doha as the first pieces of Premier Rides’ steel rollercoaster track are shipped from the USA for a new signature magnetic launch coaster coming to Qatar. Premier has partnered with leading Qatari developer Halul Real Estate Investment Company to develop the

attraction as part of Doha Oasis, a mixed use development that offers a high end residential opportunity, retail complex, 'seven-star' hotel tower and an indoor theme park. With the engineering and fabrication processes for the ride now complete, the exporting process has officially begun. Premier estimates a total of approximately 100 shipments will be made by the end of January. Featuring custom special effects and a closely-guarded theme, the attraction will be the largest thrill ride in Qatar and one of the tallest in all the Middle East, combining an immersive dark ride, magnetic drive technology, high- speed switches to create a one-of-a-kid multi-sensory thrill ride. Doha Oasis is expected to showcase in the run up to the 2022 (Football) World Cup.

New wheel makes Almaty Happy

This 60m-tall (almost 200ft) observation wheel stands outside the Mega mall in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and serves as a beacon for the Happylon indoor theme park.

Installed by Technical Park, the ride

was inaugurated in October and features 40 enclosed cabins (including one VIP cabin with leather couches) and an LED system that creates a real light show after dark. Each cabin comes with climate control, automatic sliding doors and audio guides with commentary in Kazakh, Russian and English. As well as the mall and city that

surrounds it, passengers on the wheel can also see the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountain range.


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