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o If running a regatta, NORs should be circulated electronically and include all the sustainability measures required of regatta participants and spectators. You can also create a Sustainability Pledge or Code of Conduct for all competitors.

o Early and often social media communication about the exciting efforts being made to decrease the waste you produce will be informative for attendees and reflect positively on your organization.

§ On Water

o During the event, be sure to kindly remind everyone how to support your efforts and have appropriate messaging posted.

o Combine coach boats to decrease fuel usage. o Anchor your boat for long portions of the event. o Eliminate spectator boats and have one large boat to hold spectators on the water.

o Make sure all coach and spectator boats have water jugs to refill reusable water bottles as needed.

§ Green Team

o Pack any provided lunches in reusable materials or create zero waste lunches for sailors and coaches.

o Assemble volunteers and staff to represent the “Green Team.” Have them stationed at all trash and recycling stations to support attendees in disposing of their trash or sorting food after a meal.

o Delegate several members to run a Marine Debris Clean-Up using Rozalia Project’s data collection app. Leave your facility cleaner than you found it!

o Create an education zone or area for your event that includes information about all your efforts, ecological activities, and local partners.

Remember, there are a variety of events your organization puts on every year and they range in size. Making small adjustments each year on event operations and management can result in positive outcomes.

If you’re hosting an event on or near the water, consider registering for Clean Regattas – the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events! The Clean Regattas certification system gives event organizers step-by-step instructions to make events as sustainable as possible, and you would become part of a worldwide community of certified events ranging from Opti sailors to America’s Cup competitors. You can find more information and register for Clean Regattas on the Sailors for the Sea website.

Types of events you could apply these ideas to include: § Regattas § High School Sailing § Annual Awards Ceremony


§ SUP Races and Paddle Events § Family Night or BBQs § Fundraisers

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