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Engaging Stakeholders & Culture Change

The Mission Bay Aquatic Center is the 1st LEED Existing Building Platinum certified facility in San Diego and the 1st LEED Certified Existing Building in the whole California State University system.

§ Sailors for the Sea, International

Sailors for the Sea is a nonprofit that engages, educations, inspires, and activates the sailing and boating community toward protecting the ocean. Programs include: • Clean Regattas: The world’s only sustainability certification for water- based events.

• KELP: Kids Environmental Lesson Plans that are easy to teach and use everyday household items.

• Green Boating Guide: A practical, resource-filled handbook that is the go-to guide for boaters to reduce their environmental impact.

Staff Training Tour of the Facility

When staff or volunteers first arrive on site, take them on a tour of your facility, pointing out the steps the organization has taken to have a positive impact on the environment. If your building, boatyard, dock system, equipment, etc., is utilizing new technology to conserve energy or using renewable resources, make sure to explain how they work and their outcome on the operations. Staff should adhere to your policies on day-to-day sustainable operations and educate students during classes as well.

Employee Agreement

Staff benefit from signing a commitment letter holding them accountable to the practices of the organization. Letters can be simple, similar to a code of conduct for high school sailors or added to your employee agreement.

B. Students

Connecting students to their local environment will result in a lasting impact on their daily habits and appreciation of the natural world.

Methods for engaging students include: § Environmental education § Facility scavenger hunt § Green Team/Eco-Captain § Student sustainability pledge and EnvironMentors program


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