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Engaging Stakeholders & Culture Change

C. Board of Directors The Board of Directors is an excellent conduit to represent the culture of your organization in the greater community in which you operate. Train your Board in all the practices, programs and facility aspects that constitute the environmental mission. They can garner support from other partners and potentially engage new stakeholders that could support your organization in the future.

D. Members and Visitors of your Organization

Communicate effectively to your members and visitors how best to interact with your local waterway to minimize negative impacts during their time there. Ways

you can do this include: § Colorful displays around your office and outside your building about where people can dispose of trash and recycling.

§ A guide to local flora and fauna posted in signs or at the main entrance informing people that there are more than just human users of the waterway and your actions could impact them as well.

§ Informational signs around the aspects of your building and facility that utilize best practices in sustainability (e.g., low-flow toilets, recycled building materials).

§ A dedicated page on your website to explain each step you take. § Create a list of actions visitors and members can adopt to protect the

environment, such as not using single-use plastics/use reusable water bottle, etc.


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