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Engaging Stakeholders & Culture Change

In 2017, 76% of Reach programs nationwide report students report an increase in environmental stewardship after participating in the Reach program - 2017 Reach Initiative Impact Report

*links and lessons are included in the Appendix Facility Scavenger Hunt

Take students on a facility scavenger hunt that leads them to the various parts of your building, boatyard, dock system, and equipment areas that utilize new technology to conserve energy or renewable resources, or ways your organization is minimizing its impact on the environment. Make sure to spend time at each spot and explain how they work and the positive outcome they have on the operations.

Photo by: Stephanie DeLair-Taylor, Lake Townsend Yacht Club in Greensboro, NC Green Team/Eco-Captain

Appoint a Green Team/Eco-Captain each day in the program. This person can be the student responsible to guide the class in best practices from recycling at lunch, to picking up trash on land and on water.

Sustainability Pledge and EnvironMentors

For longer programs, creating a Sustainability Pledge all students sign about their intention to follow the policies of the organization is valuable. You can also adopt a curriculum organizer for the program progression, like Community Boating Center (Providence, RI) has done with their EnvironMentors program. Visit the Appendix for their program outline.

Example: “I pledge to ____________________ to create a cleaner and healthier waterway.” 15

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