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Engaging Stakeholders & Culture Change

§ 11th Hour Racing, Newport, RI Through the platform of sailing, 11th Hour Racing aims to increase our understanding of the oceans, find solutions to the challenges that impact marine resources, and promote stewardship of the seas that sustain life on our planet.

11th Hour Racing works with the professional sailing community to: ● Research solutions and practices that protect and restore the health of our oceans and waters.

● Integrate ocean stewardship into the values of every team, class and event series.

● Spread the message of conservation. ● Foster environmentally sustainable practices on and off the water.

§ Sail Martha’s Vineyard, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Sail Martha’s Vineyard is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and perpetuating our Island’s maritime heritage, culture, skills and the sea

that surround us. Towards that end, we: ● Encourage Island residents to be comfortable in and around the water through such programs as our boat handling and sailing instruction for children, adult sailing instruction, Cornish Pilot Gig Rowing Club, Cruising Club and support for the high school sailing club for competitive sailors;

● Be the driving force behind the Maritime Sciences curriculum at the regional high school, both writing and teaching this four-year program;

● Attract interesting and historic vessels to the Island and support such local vessels;

● Sponsor programs that in other ways explore the maritime heritage of the island;

● Position Sail Martha’s Vineyard as the leading marine environmental and sustainability advocate and educator on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard; and

● Serve as a clearinghouse for other maritime-related organizations and initiatives on the Island.

§ Mission Bay Aquatic Center, San Diego, CA

To provide the best water sports experiences in a safe, fun and sustainable environment.

The Mission Bay Aquatic Center is committed to serving as a model for responsible and sustainable practices. We take our responsibility for being green very seriously and take the following approach to protecting our environment.


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