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Events 4. Events

From regattas to fundraising events, you can protect your environment and waterways and support your local economy by focusing on sustainable sourcing and zero waste efforts. Measure and report your sustainable activities and their impact to stakeholders post event.

5 Sustainability Focus Areas for your Next Event: § Food and Beverage

o Materials ▪ Using real dishware, cups and cutlery minimizes waste. ▪ Other alternatives to real dishware are compostable dishware, cutlery

▪ Provide water refill stations throughout the venue and discourage single-use water bottles and other drink containers like soda cans and sports drinks. Five-gallon water coolers are excellent vessels for mixing up lemonade and other refreshments.

and paper straws. Ensure you can compost these products locally before use.

▪ Benefits: Minimize trash and plastic and decrease your cost on drinks. ▪ Data Opportunity: count how many single-use water bottles were not

used because of the water refill station, measure the amount (number of containers) of recycling vs. trash that was generated.

o Sourcing Food ▪ Many areas have access to local food or farms. ▪ Contact your nearest farm or local co-op for ideas on how to source food that must travel a shorter distance to get to your event.

§ Sorting Waste (See “Green Team” below for more details) o Make sure there are plenty of trash and recycling bins around the event location. If you can compost include these bins as well.

▪ Benefits: You’re supporting your local economy, decreasing your carbon footprint, and protecting the environment and fisheries. Local food often tastes fresher.

o Clear, large signage around each bin is required; there are different sorting methods depending on the town or city.

o The local waste management facility can often donate extra bins and cans to the event or may consider loaning bins at a reduced cost.

§ Trophies and Awards

o Benefits: Assisting visiting sailors with ways they can dispose of their trash and recycling will decrease the amount of trash sent to the landfill.

§ Participant and Spectator Communication and Marketing

o Create natural trophies and awards that represent your local ecosystem. Lake rocks, beach rocks and driftwood can all be made into pieces you can engrave or ones you can simply place a plaque on.


If you are serving seafood, ensure it is sustainably sourced. There are various sustainable seafood guides available to reference, including Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

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