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2016 preview | Materials

include HDPE AX7611, a bimodal HDPE with good organoleptics developed for production of caps for sparkling water and CSDs, and PP PHC28. The latter is focused on specialty closures for the chemical and household products sector and offers very good resistance to chemicals and impact. The company will also feature its Flowpact PP resin

family, which includes high MFI grades formulated for production of injection moulded thin wall packaging requiring high flow and stiffness. Flowpact resins are said to enable downgauging of designs while the high flow and fast crystallisation allows shorter cycle times to be achieved. SABIC will be promoting its ISCC Plus-accredited

certified renewable polyolefins. Developed on mass balance principles (which factors in the environmental contribution of renewable cracker feedstocks, in this case waste fats and oils, to the total production chain), the company says production of PE and PP grades using renewable feedstock uses 84% less fossil fuel. In the engineering plastics sector, SABIC will show

the latest applications for its PC resins in the automo- tive glazing industry. The display has not yet been confirmed but could include a new large part 2K application due to go into production in Asia in Q3. ❙

Below: Sun Chemical will show its latest pad and screen printing inks

So.F.TER will present its new PA6 Litepol engineering polymers with hollow glass microspheres that reduce the weight of plastic parts by up to 30% for automotive applications. The introduction of the Litepol B PA6 grades follows the approval last year of the Litepol range of PP compounds by FCA Fiat Chrysler Automo- biles. So.F.TER says the compounds provide weight reduction, good strength and shock resistance, shorter cycle times and good dimensional stability of moulded parts. Litepol can be used on standard injection

moulding equipment and requires no additional technology investment. ❙

Solvay will launch two new additions to its range of Technyl PA polymers for the automotive sector – a new line of high heat resistant PA66 polymers for thermal management applications and a range of PA66 com- pounds with controlled halogen content for the electrical and electronic markets. The company will also use the show to introduce its

Technyl 4earth premium performance recycled PA66 grades. Developed from its Move 4earth sustainability programme, the new materials use PA66 recovered from automotive airbag fabrics and are said to offer performance properties comparable with prime material. Solvay will also reveal some new additions to its

Technyl Sinterline family of PA powder materials for additive manufacturing applications. And, from the recently acquired Cytec business, will present the latest range of Cyasorb Cynergy Solutions UV stabilisers for film, automotive and industrial applications. ❙

Songwon will be promoting its portfolio of polymer stabilisers and one-pack solutions (OPS), including the recently introduced SonXtend 2124 stabiliser for glass fibre reinforced PP grades for automotive applications. SongXtend 2124 is claimed to improve the long term

thermal stability of both short and long glass fibre reinforced PP compounds used in interior injection moulded applications, meeting long term thermal stability requirements of 1,000h at 150°C. The company says the new stabiliser is particularly useful where parts are being thinned out for weight reduction purposes. According to Thomas Schmutz, Leader Global

Technical Service & Application Development at Songwon, the new addition means the company now has a full range of stabilisers for un-filled, talc and glass-filled PP.

On the OPS side of the business, the company will be emphasising the investments it has made to increase its global production capacity. These include the start-up of its 7,000 tonne/year joint venture plant at Kizad in Abu Dhabi and the near completion of a second joint venture at Qingdao in China. The new plants bolster the company’s existing OPS capacities at Ulsan in Korea, Greiz in Germany and Houston in the US. ❙

Sun Chemical will introduce its latest ink for pad printing, alongside its wide range of functional and

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