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2016 preview | Materials

Above: Kraiburg TPE will launch new fire retardant options

K D Feddersen will highlight a range of engineering polymers and high-performance plastics from leading manufacturers and the on-site application engineering consulting service that it offers. On display is Fortron Flex PPS from Celanese, which is claimed to offer a combination of high flexibility, high continuous service temperature and good chemical resistance. Hostaform XGC (POM-GF) from Celanese is a new glass fibre reinforced grade that the company says represents a significant improvement in mechanical properties. Also on offer from Celanese is Hostaform SlideX POM, which is a POM all-rounder with increased durability and lifespan for heavy-duty slide/friction applications, as well as Hostaform MetalX POM, which offers a realistic metal look and saves process costs. K D Feddersen will also show materials from

LyondellBasell including Hostacom advanced Copo PP glass fibre compounds with low creep and Hostacom ERG 393F (PP-GF) with special surface appearance for visible components, compact or foamed. Special reduced density Hostacom and Hifax PP compounds from LyondellBasell are also available where a reduction in filler content has lowered the density by around 8% without causing any significant mechanical losses. Also on display will be Softell soft touch PP compounds, which offer a soft finish as well as improved noise dampening performance. ❙

Right: Lanxess will display this weight-saving

Porsche oil pan produced in a 30% glass reinforced Durethan

Kraiburg TPE will present a series of new product develop- ments that further expand the applica- tions for TPEs, including the introduc- tion of flame retardant compounds in its FR/AD1 series. The new addition to

50 INJECTION WORLD | September 2016

the Thermolast K portfolio has been developed for applications in the construction industry, where they can be used to ensure flexible cable installation in flush-mounting boxes. The material is flame retardant in accordance with UL94 and is included in flammability class V0. In addition, it is claimed to have good adhesion to ABS and PC in two-component injection moulding. The flame retardant compound is highly elastic and free of latex, PVC and halogens. Other product highlights will include materials for drinking water applications, as well as under-the-hood automotive applications. TPEs for use with drinking water have European certifications to ensure compli- ance with high safety and hygiene standards. The company says that they are ideal for hoses in sanitary systems or beverage dispensers. Kraiburg TPE has developed its Thermolast V products for use in under- the-hood automotive applications, offering temperature resistance of up to 130°C and adhesion to polyamide. ❙

Lanxess will display its range of highly reinforced polyamides and polyesters for the production of structural components, including Durethan AKV 60 XF, a PA66 grade with a glass fibre content of 60%. The company says that the new high-performance thermo- plastic combines the benefits of a highly reinforced, easy flowing compound with the advantages of a polyamide 66 resin. The material is claimed to exhibit good strength and stiffness and offer new design opportunities for all-plastic parts, plastic/metal hybrid technology and continuous-fibre-reinforced semi-fin- ished thermoplastic composites. It can also be used as a metal substitute in a range of applications. In addition, Lanxess has developed Durethan BKV 30

XF (XtremeFlow). The company says that the PA6 with 30% glass fibre content is the successor to its Durethan DP BKV 30 XF product and is over 17% easier flowing (flow spiral, 8×2 mm, 280°C melt temperature). The new material features a good mechanical property profile that is almost identical to that of its predecessor and also produces good surfaces. Applications include automotive mounts and brackets. Novel applications on show include an engine oil pan for the Porsche 911 Carrera. The oil pan consists of an upper and lower part made from 30% glass fibre-rein- forced Durethan BKV 30 H2.0. This material is said to offer a high level of functional integration and has good long term

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