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2016 preview | Materials

Right: Xiran IZ is the latest heat booster

from Polyscope

resistance to engine oils. The part is more than 2 kg lighter than an aluminium alternative. Thermoplastics with good melt flow characteristics from Lanxess have also been used for the design of a large, thin-walled roller support for a food processor. The precision part, which is subject to high mechanical loads and must display low warpage and high dimensional stability, is made of Pocan C 3230 XF (XtremeFlow). This is a blend of PBT and PC reinforced with 30% glass fibres. ❙

Milliken will exhibit its clarifiers and nucleators for improving PP in, for example, lightweight applications with high-performance features, functional solutions, energy-efficiency and process optimisation. Milliken says it will demonstrate the ability of Millad NX 8000 to make high clarity PP, allowing for material replacement in a wide range of processes. It will also highlight the additional advantages of being able to lower processing temperatures and to realise faster injection moulding. The company says that it will also showcase

examples of how to achieve faster production and improved end-product performance through the use of its Hyperform HPN nucleators. Milliken says that both Millad NX 8000 and Hyperform HPN perform effectively in high melt flow PP grades,

Above: Milliken will show its latest PP clarifiers and nucleators

responding to the increasing industry demands for PP grades for faster production. Milliken will also present its range of additives for

PET, PE and PU. These include new solutions for evolving electrostatic discharge standards, reactive colourants, antioxidant and antimicrobial additives, UV absorbers for PET, and nucleators to enhance the performance and processing of PE films, injection moulded parts and extruded applications. ❙

Modern Dispersions will introduce blue-tone carbon black masterbatches for use in automotive interior applications. The company says that the three new

Right: Modern Dispersions will launch new automotive blue-tone


blue-tone carbon black masterbatches are targeted at door panels, instrument panels and other interior applications. According to the company, automotive applications require strong dispersion of pigments into interior surfaces to match the overall colour scheme. Carbon black is used in automotive interiors not only as a pigment but as a functional filler, due to its ability to increase UV stability. The blue-tone carbon black masterbatch can be used in a wide range of resin systems including PE, PP and TPOs. Typical usage levels range from 5-8% by weight depending on the total polymer system in the final product. The company adds that the new blue-tone masterbatches have found commercial use in a range of interior applications at leading US automakers. ❙

Polyscope will introduce the latest addition to its Xiran range of styrenic heat boosters. The styrene maleic anhydride copolymer producer will also show the latest developments in its high performance compounds range, including a new high dimensional stability PP. Xiran IZ, a terpolymer of styrene, maleic anhydride and n-phenylmaleimide, lifts the thermal performance of styrenic polymers such as PS, SAN and ABS. The new grade has a Tg of 198˚C and can be exposed to high processing temperatures. It offers very good miscibility in styrenic polymers but also in PMMA – the company says recent modifications to its manufacturing processes allows it to enhance the heat resistance of transparent polymers. In packaging and aircraft disposable applications, for

example, the new additive allows the Tg of PS products to be lifted from a typical 98˚C to more than 100˚C, the company says, allowing use in microwaveable service. In the compounds sector, Polyscope says its glass

reinforced Xiran SG ABS is now specified in 28 automotive sunroof frame applications, where it offers good flow performance and dimensional stability together with Tg values up to 175˚C. It is now turning its attention to

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