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Put rent first 9 M

ONEY is always tight at this time of year – but don’t be tempted

to skip a rent payment. We’ve launched our new

rent campaign, and the theme is ‘Put Rent First’. Rent keeps a roof over your head and also helps pay for vital GHA services which benefit you, your home and your community. Your rent pays for: n GHA’s round-the-clock

repairs service n Local environmental services to help keep your neighbourhood safe and clean n Improvements to your home and community. That’s why it’s so important

to keep up with your payments – and to put rent first. Remember, we have lots

of ways to help if you’re struggling to make ends meet. GHA’s Andy Ashcroft said: “It’s always difficult at this time of year – but it’s really important to make paying rent a priority. “Rent pays for services vital to your home and

neighbourhood. Rent pays for our 24/7 repairs service, our environmental teams which help keep neighbourhoods clean and tidy, as well as GHA’s investment programme which improves homes all over the city. “That’s why it’s important to put rent first. We can offer lots of support to people who may be struggling to pay. “If you’re having difficulties

paying, come and talk to us. We really are here to help.”

“We can support people who are struggling to pay”

If you’re worried about debt and how to manage your money, need advice on benefit entitlement, concerned about fuel bills, or even if you need help furnishing your home, there are practical ways GHA can help. We can even offer advice on getting back into work. Talk to your housing officer, visit or phone 0800 479 7979.

we can help if you’re struggling

across the city can advise you on using computers and getting online for free.

Handyperson service

The Handyperson service helps over- 60s and disabled tenants with odd jobs round.the home.

Furnishing your home Tenants can get recycled furniture to help them set up home through our Home Comforts service.

Tenancy Support Service Care and support is available for tenants in crisis or in need of urgent support. My Great Start can also offer one-to-one support for new tenants and link with other support services in the area.

9. HOUSING BENEFIT: If you receive full housing benefit, your rent is paid by Glasgow City Council. If you receive partial housing benefit, you are responsible for paying the rest.

Want more information? Call us on Freephone 0800 479 7979, go to or drop in and see us at 173 Trongate.

i theKEY -

easy ways to pay rent

1. DIRECT DEBIT: Set up a bank instruction to pay your rent weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly.

2. ONLINE: Visit our website and follow the instructions, or visit www.

3. BY TELEPHONE: Call 0800 479 7979 to pay by debit or credit card.

4. IN PERSON: Drop into our ground-floor shop at 173 Trongate and pay by cash, cheque or with your credit or debit card using our chip and PIN facilities.

5. BY STANDING ORDER: Set up a standing order with your bank.

6. POST OFFICE: Pay at the post office with a GHA rent payment card.

7. BY PAYPOINT: At any shop that displays the PayPoint sign.

8. BY POST: Send a cheque or postal order to: GHA, 173 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HF.

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