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Dear the Key

When will the lift at the Ancaster Drive sheltered housing complex be fixed? Since June 2015 it has only worked for three weeks. We keep hearing that the engineers are waiting for parts but there are tenants in their 80s and 90s who find the stairs difficult. Douglas Reid, Crow Road Sorry for the delay in trying to resolve this, Douglas. We had to send away for parts for this repair and we’ll get it done as soon as we can. Hope this helps.

Dear the Key A new camera system was installed near our homes a few months ago but a large piece of metal was left in the ground. The dark nights are not too far away and this could lead to serious injury. Andrew Gilmour, Dougrie Place

Thanks for flagging this up, Andrew. It has now been sorted.

Dear the Key I wrote to you regarding overgrown foliage around our bin store. Many thanks for clearing it away. It makes a big difference. Now we can use it without pushing through a jungle. Thomas Anderson, Frankfort Street

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Happy to help, Thomas.

Dear the Key Please help! I am writing regarding my father. He is 92 and his garden is a disaster. The council came and cut a square in the garden but never used a strimmer. He is disabled and tries to keep it neat but can’t manage on his own. He’s tried to contact the council with no joy. He’s getting very frustrated. Susan Milligan

Hi Susan. We contacted the council on your behalf and they cut your dad’s grass soon afterwards.

Dear the Key I’ve had these damp, draughty windows for over 10 years. This winter I’ll be spending more money on energy due to these old, rotting non-draught proof windows. What happened to the ‘timber window refurbishments for 900 homes, including Pollok’ (the Key, August 2015). Also the door security entry system has never worked properly. Finally, what is the criteria for allocation for the new build on Mieklerigg Crescent? I’d like to be considered. Brendan Friel, Dormanside Road Hi Brendan. We’ve been out to see you and arranged for a full survey to be carried out on the windows and door entry system. Our contractors will be in touch. Work hasn’t started on the new homes, so we don’t have a letting plan in place. We’ll keep you updated nearer the time.

Dear the Key I live in a two-bedroom property with my other half and four kids. My boys are three and one and share a room with myself and their mum. Why are there four- bed houses in Group 2 for homeless people? That four- bed property would be ideal for me and my family but we are in Group 3. We’ve been offered a couple of properties but they had dogs running about and unsuitable types in the close. John Ferguson, Inverleith street

Hi John. We’ve spoken to you about this. You’re in

Group 3 because you’re overcrowded. We know it can be frustrating, but please keep bidding on Home Finder, continue checking the Homeswapper website and register with other housing providers. Sorry we can’t be of more help just now.

Dear the Key I have previously reported my dividing fence which is in a very bad state of repair to the point of being dangerous. Nothing has been done to resolve this in eight months. Mark Henderson, Neilsland Oval Hi Mark. Your fence is shared with the owner next door so we’ll talk to them about sharing the cost. Your housing officer will keep you updated.

Dear the Key I’ve had problems with my boiler since 2012. I’ve had workmen out but still have intermittent faults. I shouldn’t have to keep filling my kettle for hot water. It’s time for a new boiler.

June Daly, Sandyhills Hi June. Sorry about these problems. We installed a new boiler in your home in August. Any more problems, let us know.

Dear the Key Windows we had installed in 2012 have been a nightmare. They’ve been poked and prodded, adjusted and readjusted and had new seals fitted. All I want are windows that keep out wind and rain.

A W Abbott, Knightswood Sorry for the delay in this, Mr Abbott. We needed a special part to be manufactured. Your windows have been sorted.

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