Dear the Key I still have old brown doors in my flat from 10 years ago. They are such an eye sore. The bathroom door has old glass in it. Is there any way these can be replaced? Also, I needed a repair on my buzzer. A staff member attempted it and then realised he couldn’t fix it, said he would be back and never came back. Now there’s no buzzer on the wall because it fell off. Amy Williamson, Jura Court We’ve been out to fit the new controlled entry handset and we’ve arranged to look at the bathroom door. Hope this helps.

Dear the Key Congratulations for an entertaining August issue of the Key. The contents are always informative and interesting, but I thought the Sudoku was more challenging, therefore more satisfying, than usual. Or maybe my eyesight is really deteriorating. Donato Gizzi, Lloyd Street Glad you enjoy the Key, Donato. Don’t want you resting on your laurels, so we’ll keep the Sudoku nice and difficult!

Dear the Key Were I to believe the tone of the Key I could think I had no problems. Well, I do. There has been no attempt to renew the décor in our close since the removal of damaged tiles. Our main access path is dangerous and should be fixed pronto. The detritus following the collapse of a large tree remains, as does the damaged guttering and canopy. Why has this not been repaired? Rosemary Collins, Ardgay Street

theKEY -

Thanks for writing in Rosemary. We’ve been out to see you. The grass area is owned by the council. They’re repairing the damage and removing the tree. Our environmental teams will help where they can. Once we repair the roof and gutter, we’ll put the canopy back on. We’re also looking at upgrading your close. Hope this helps.

Dear the Key

My communal TV aerial has developed a fault. The picture freezes or pixelates and sometimes there is no signal at all. I am 68. Can you help? Robert Morrison, Sandyhills We’ve arranged for this to be repaired for you, Robert.

Dear the Key We’d like to say thank you to our housing officer Pauline McGonagle. A lot of people in Drumoyne love and respect Pauline for all the consideration she puts into helping others. She will be sadly missed in our neighbourhood but will always be there in our hearts. David Smith and Andy Haddow, Drumoyne Thanks for writing in. Pauline’s still around - she’s just moved patch - but we’ve passed on your kind words.

Dear the Key I am emailing in regard to the poor state of our close painting. It was done about 10 years ago but the ground floor walls are all scratched and are badly needing painted over. Can you have it repainted? Mary Stewart, Drakemire Drive

Thanks for getting in touch, Mary. We’ve raised a line for this and it will get done as soon as possible.




ANOTHER set of stunning entries to our Star Photo competition in this issue. Tony Maguire took the photo of a bumblebee on a flower, while Paul Tomlin took this snap of unusual cloud formations above Royston Road. Margaret Chalmers took this pic of her pet cat, which she’s called ‘Wee Tom knows how to relax.’

Julia Quinn took this pic of her cockatiel called Elwood, who

sadly passed away at the age of 13 earlier this year. Tony McFadden took this colourful photo of a flower. Karen McCoy took a photo of a butterfly.

But the winner is Isabel Goudie, from Baillieston, who took this fantastic – and slightly scary – photo of a spider in her garden. Isabel said: “This is a walnut orb weaver who has made her home in my back garden at

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