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READ ALL ABOUT IT: Youngsters Carys and Gary Park, from Garthamlock, meet Dolly Parton – or a cardboard cut-out at least – to read about the new book scheme, while Lexi Hall, below, reads a page-turner


Our report to tenants inside

INCLUDED in this issue of the Key is GHA’s latest ‘Report to Tenants’. The report outlines

how GHA is doing in areas including tenant satisfaction, repairs and homes and neighbourhoods. It includes comments

from our scrutiny panel, made up of customers who look at GHA’s performance every year. The Scottish Housing

Regulator requires us to update you every year. Make sure you give it

a read.

Hello Dolly! W

Country star inspires free books for kids

E’RE giving children in our communities free books – with the help of country star

Dolly Parton. Two GHA offices in the north east

have signed up to a scheme – Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – which gives books to young kids to help improve literacy. Now youngsters in Cranhill, Ruchazie,

Craigend and Garthamlock will get a free book through the post every month until they reach five. The scheme will not only improve children’s reading – but bring parents and children closer together through the joy of books. Carolann Hall, from Ruchazie, mum to little Lexi, 3, said: “This is a great idea. The earlier kids start

reading the better. Having these books will be really good for their education.” GHA pays a small cost for the books and postage, and all other costs are covered by Dolly Parton’s own charity, the Dollywood Foundation. All the books are carefully selected by experts in early childhood literacy.

“Having these books will be really good for their education”

GHA’s North East Area Director Andy Ashcroft said: “Reading to your kids is one of the great joys of being a parent. “It also gives youngsters a head start before they go to school.

“This is a brilliant project which will really improve the life chances of young people in our communities.”

Free winter home check

WE’RE offering older and vulnerable tenants a free winter home check to make sure their home is geared up for the cold weather.

A plumber will visit your

property and check the boiler, pipes and taps and also bleed the radiators. Tenants will also be

shown how to set their heating, turn off the water and where to find their stop cock. If you’re over 60 or disabled, and want a free winter home check, call us free on 0800 479 7979.

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