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Product News Rust-Resistant Self-Contained Workstation

T e MicroFlow I Workstation is a ductless carbon-fi ltered workstation equipped with activated carbon filtration, designed to collect small amounts of non-hazardous fumes and odors. T e workstation is self- contained and can be easily moved from station to station. Clear hood surround with safety viewing sash, for user variable- speed fan control, provides the option of

high and medium speeds, or low fl ow for sensitive operations. T e workstation allows easy change out of used fi lters and is equipped with a fi lter change light.

HEMCO Corporation .html

JPK Releases the NanoWizard® 4 NanoScience AFM

JPK is pleased to announce their latest AFM system, the world’s most fl exible AFM: the NanoWizard

processes. Additionally, with the QI™ mode, quantitative imaging is possible with outstanding high resolution.

JPK Instruments AG

New Camera Package: OcularCINEMA™ HD T e OcularCINEMA

package off ers a CMOS-based color imaging camera that delivers true progressive scan real-time high-resolution video to the largest displays and/or computers simulta- neously. T e OcularCINEMA

HD camera package provides eff ortless connection to a microscope with the included 0.35X C-mount optical adapter compatible with most OLYMPUS

™ ®, LEICA


Model RL16X “Xsight” Quadrant Driver with Laser Crosshair

Orled announces its new high-intensity ring light Model RL16X with Laser Crosshairs. This patented crosshair system streamlines the process of locating and identifying small features in a microscope’s field-of-view. The RL16X includes an LED ring light

with adjustable quadrant illumination, two targeting lasers, and a control unit for attenuating the lasers and LED lighting array. T e two targeting lasers emit fans of light that create a bright crosshair pattern on the microscope stage.


2016 May • ®, and NIKON ® microscopes. ™ HD camera

Optronic Laboratories LLC

Hirox RH-2000 3D Digital Microscope

T e new model includes a host of new features such as a new CMOS camera, refi ned hardware design, and modern touchscreen interface. At the heart of the new RH-2000 is a new CMOS sensor capable of capturing images 50 fps of continuous HD video at 1920 × 1200

pixels with high pixel density. T e latter allows for highly precise measurement performance; it has much wider dynamic range with increased signal to noise ratios, regardless of increasing contract levels.

AXT Pty. Ltd.

Bruker Introduces MultiMode 8-HR AFM

Bruker’s Nano Surfaces Division announced the release of the MultiMode 8-HR Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The new nanomechanics features of MultiMode 8-HR enable researchers to access the broadest range of ramp frequencies for viscoelastic studies and nanomechanical assessment of a wide range of materials, from soſt biological specimens to hard metallic samples. T e high-resolution and data processing capabil- ities of the MultiMode 8-HR are the result of its combination of rigid, mechanical design and advanced control electronics.

Bruker Nano Surfaces Division


new NanoScience system raises the bar in terms of technical performance to deliver new capabilities for users. It features a powerful fast scanning option, delivering images every three seconds to enable users to track dynamic

® 4 NanoScience AFM. The

Ultra-Stable Microscope Platforms for Electrophysiology and Neuroscience

Prior Scientifi c’s Z-Deck range is a high- quality, height-adjustable platform designed specifi cally for upright microscopes widely used in electrophysiology and neuroscience. Compatible with most commercially available vibration isolation tables, the

Z-Deck off ers an exceptionally stable platform ensuring that your experimental area is as smooth and vibration-free as possible. T e Z Deck’s top surface breadboard design (6 mm holes on 25 mm centers) is ideal for accurately and quickly mounting equipment.

Prior Scientifi c, Inc.

MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/Photometer

G&H Instruments’ MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/Photometer delivers ultra-fast high-resolution spatially resolved measure- ments of luminance, chromaticity, and color temperature. It is compact, rugged, and ideal for full-fi eld measurements of automotive and aerospace lighting and displays in high-speed production test environments.

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