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New High-Precision, High-Volume Lens Assembly Capability

Melles Griot continues to expand its high-precision lens assembly manufacturing with the acquisition of the state-of-the-art alignment turning station ATS 200 from TRIOPTICS. T is new machine has

been successfully integrated into its precision optics facility and is now fully operational for cost-eff ective volume production of high-performance microscope objectives and other precision lenses. Melles Griot off ers custom microscope objectives from prototype to higher-volume production quantities at prices previously achieved by only very high-volume standard objectives.

Melles Griot is a business unit of IDEX Health & Science, LLC

2016 WITec Paper Awards for Outstanding Scientifi c Publications

T e WITec Paper Awards jury selected the three best publications that document how correlative microscopy information on the chemical and structural composition of a material can be linked for a more comprehensive understanding. T e awards

recognize outstanding scientific work published in 2015 that employed a WITec device as part of its experimental setup. T e evaluation criteria include the signifi cance of the results for the scientifi c community and the originality of the techniques used.

WITec GmbH Open to see the winners

First-Ever AFM Images of Microvilli on Live Cells

In a just-released article in the Journal of Molecular Recognition , Dr. Hermann Schillers et al. report the first visualization of individual microvilli on living cells with atomic force microscopy. “It was previously impossible to resolve the fi nest structures of a live cell like microvilli, but now with the BioScope Resolve, I can image them easily in one hour,” noted Dr. Schillers.” Bruker’s BioScope Resolve

clear view for the fi™ brings soſt cell membrane structures into rst time.

Bruker Nano Surfaces Division

Nature Methods Names Cryo-Electron Microscopy “Method of the Year 2015”

Cryo-electron microscopy was named Method of the Year 2015, an award given by the publication Nature Methods . FEI pioneered cryo-EM with its introduction of the Titan Krios

transmission electron microscope in 2008. Since then, they have continued to make advancements in the technology and have partnered with several leading scientists to develop a sample preparation and imaging workflow that could significantly change structural and cellular biology research.

FEI Company

2016 May •

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Uses a Renishaw In-Via Confocal Raman Microscope to Support the Development of Nanomolecular Probes

The Kircher laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering is developing novel nanoprobes for molecular imaging, image-guided therapy, and theranostics. Its ultimate goal is to develop a universal technology that allows precise

determination of the actual spread of a tumor in vivo . Currently surgeons cannot see the microscopic extent of the tumor during a procedure, which is essential information for tumor removal.

Renishaw plc

Department of Engineering Sciences at Oxford Uses Deben Stages to Characterize Materials

T e Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy & Analysis in the Department of Engineering, University of Oxford, is using Deben Microtest tensile and compression stages. They are applying various stages to characterize

materials, ceramics, and biologicals at diff erent temperatures and under varying loading conditions. Deben provides in-situ testing stages and innovative accessories and components for electron microscopy.

Deben UK Limited

Researchers First to Prove Zika Virus Associated with Microcephaly

Scientists from the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology and the Institute of Pathology in Ljubljana, Slovenia, are the first in the world to publish and prove that the Zika virus is associated with microcephaly. The complete genome of Zika was recovered from the fetal brain. Imaging of the ultra-thin sections and brain homogenate was performed with the use of the new JEOL 120kV JEM-1400Plus transmission electron microscope and the older model JEOL JEM-1200EXII.


FEI Launches PerGeos Software for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

FEI announced PerGeos™, the industry’s fi rst comprehensive digital

rock soſt ware that helps geoscientists rapidly interpret and model digital rock imagery so that exploration and production (E&P) engineers can obtain meaningful, actionable data quickly and easily. PerGeos provides a better understanding of formation features and physical property of reservoir rock. Using PerGeos, core analysts, geologists, and petrophysicists can integrate data from multiple sources and share descriptions and statistics using a common platform.

FEI Company


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