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Product News Dolomite Offers High-Speed Imaging for Microfl uidics

T e Meros High Speed Digital Microscope features high-magnifi cation optics and a zoom lens to ensure that millimeter- to micrometer-scale features can be visualized clearly, with extra-long working distance. Coupled with a high-speed USB 3.0 camera, this allows clear imaging of moving particles or cells, enabling quantitative analysis of droplet size at low

fl ow rates—typically below 1 kHz—and qualitative evaluation at production speeds of 2–15 kHz or higher, depending on droplet size.

Dolomite www.dolomite-microfl

Renishaw Launches the New inVia™ Qontor™ Confocal Raman Microscope

Building on the market-leading inVia Refl ex, the inVia Qontor adds a new dimension to the performance and ease of use for which inVia is renowned. T e inVia Qontor sees the addition of Renishaw’s latest innovation, LiveTrack

enables users to analyze samples with uneven, curved, or rough surfaces. Optimum focus is maintained in real time during data collection and white light video viewing. T is removes the need for manual focusing.

Renishaw plc

New JEOL “F2” Versatile S/TEM Offers Advanced Analytical Features

JEOL’s most recent addition, the versatile JEM-F200, or “F2,” is the only advanced analytical, high-throughput 200kV S/TEM in its class to off er a Cold Field Emission Gun and dual Silicon Drift Detectors. The F2 features a quad lens condenser system that independently controls electron beam intensity (spot size) and convergence angle. The F2 operation is easier as well. More than 100 beam conditions can be selected at the push of a button.


Next-Generation, Ultra-Low-Noise SOPHIA™ Cameras from Princeton Instruments

These cameras feature proprietary new ArcTec

Based on a 2k × 2k sensor format, SOPHIA’s multiple-port, back-illuminated CCDs leverage patented Princeton Instruments eXcelon

technology and provide an unprecedented combination of large pixel size, fast pixel speed, and minimal pixel noise. SOPHIA’s 30.7 mm × 30.7 mm photosensitive array with 15 μ m × 15 μ m pixels detects 23% more photons per pixel than equivalent back-illuminated sensors that have 13.5 μ m × 13.5 μ m pixels.

™ thermoelectric cooling technology. ®

Princeton Instruments


Applied Beams LLC

doi: 10.1017/S1551929516000249 • 2016 May High-Speed Biological TEM Imaging System

AMT is pleased to announce the all-new BioSprint TEM imaging system. T e BioSprint is a high-speed 16-megapixel TEM camera that employs the use of AMT’s custom-engineered ActiveVu lens. The BioSprint is the fastest 16-megapixel TEM CCD camera available on the market. T is system provides high-defi nition images that are perfect for any life science application. With this information dense pixel format, users can digitally zoom fi nal images up to 4×.

Advanced Microcopy Techniques, Corp.

Versatile mPrep™ Automated Processor Extends Capabilities in Busy Labs

Using a single automated processor from Microscopy Innovations, busy EM labs can now prepare and embed specimens and stain grids and perform complicated immunolabeling with no manual intervention. The mPrep

™ focus tracking technology, which

capabilities and increased throughput on all your projects, freeing highly trained scientists for other

™ ASP-1000 offers new

activities. Intuitive, fl exible interface makes it easy to conduct standard protocols or customize with up to 72 reagent steps, unlimited rinses, additional agitations, or multi-parameter processing.

Microscopy Innovations LLC

The New OLYMPUS BX53M System Microscope

Olympus’ new BX53M System Microscope features a user-friendly upright design, easy-to- adjust aperture settings, and an LED illuminator that enables users to change observation methods by simply turning a dial. Additional features include: the ability to quickly restore previously used settings for repeatable test results, advanced imaging functions including directional

dark fi eld and MIX, and a 50 mm × 100 mm fl at-top stage that accommo- dates larger samples. When combined with new OLYMPUS Stream 2.1 Image Analysis Software, the BX53M simplifies workflow.

Olympus Corporation

HyperFIB Services

Using plasma FIB technology, our HyperFIB tools off er unparalleled means to analyze your device or material. Operating 300× faster than Ga FIB and 20ב more precise than a laser, our services include: delayering and imaging complete integrated circuits (the entire die), including cross-sectioning BGA solder balls, gold wires, stacked die, and printed circuit

boards to uncover critical features and explore failure mechanisms; and shaping and smoothing surfaces over large and small areas.

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