GGF celebrates a “special year”

This year sees the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) celebrate its 40th anniversary. The GGF (interim CEO Brian Baker pictured below) has several special events planned through the year including a Life begins at 40 party in the GGF Members Lounge at The FIT Show (23-25 May, NEC), a celebratory Members Day on 22 September and the G17 Awards on 17 November. The awards will also feature a special 40th Anniversary Award. As well as these events, the industry’s trade body is introducing a raft of new initiatives to help its members’ businesses. These include: • A political strategy group, designed to ensure all forthcoming policies and laws – brought about by circumstances such as Brexit and incoming Government schemes – that affect companies in the indus- try are covered.

• A ‘systems house’ group which will be represented along with frame manufacturers on the GGF Board to ensure the full industry supply chain is considered at board level and in future strategies.

• The GGF ‘Member Get Member’ scheme is increasing the discount on the recommending members’ 2018 subscription from 10 per cent to 40 per cent.

• Digital marketing workshops will be held across the GGF regions.

• A new GGF trade website will be launched fully in September, with a soft launch in July.

• A new commemorative logo and souvenirs to celebrate the anniver- sary will be issued to all GGF members.

TINTABLE GLASS SageGlass wins green prize

SageGlass, manufactured by the Saint- Gobain group, scooped the Gaia Award for the most innovative green construction product at The Big 5 2016’s Middle East ceremony, celebrating sustainability. The awards honour companies in the

construction industry whose products and services demonstrate a reduction of construction’s impact on the built environ- ment. The product was selected as the winner by a panel of industry experts headed by Dr. Alaa K. Ashmawy, professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of the School of Engineering at the American University in Dubai (AUD). SageGlass won the innovation award for

its smart tintable glass solution, intelligent solar control glazing developed to offer an environmentally friendly and energy- efficient alternative to blinds or shades. By blocking sunlight on hot days,

SageGlass is claimed to “dramatically reduce energy demand and the need for

SageGlass won the innovation award for its smart tintable glass solution. It’s an intelligent solar control glazing solution

heating ventilation and air conditioning.” Discussing the reasons behind SageGlass’

award, Big 5 event director Josine Heijmans said: “With the UAE’s and region’s focus on delivering sustainability in construction it was paramount to choose sustainability as a key theme in this year’s Big 5. Visitors to The Big 5 are constantly looking for innovative products that are environmen- tally friendly and the Gaia Awards helps us uncover these products and technologies and share them with the construction and design industry.”


ADF MAY 2017

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