Before the project could get fully underway there were a few things which had to be prepared and clarified, including the installation of the glass extension

The topic and questions are exciting as they have to be looked at in a holistic manner. In my view, glass extensions offer the potential to make a silent contribution to the energy revolution. The tightened requirements on the overall energy balance of buildings due to the energy savings regulations and legislation on renewable energy etc, should be sufficient cause to consider utilising solar architecture. The intention of my research work has been to develop a completely new glass extensions concept in which the majority of the heating energy required can be gener- ated independently by the extension. The aim is also to increase the number of hours per day that can be spent in a maximum feel-good climate within the extension. This can be reached by the technological devel- opment of glass facades which, in the future, through using functional glass in facades, energy will be created and used immediately or saved in a seasonal store,


depending on the temperature. The main aim is to operate the glass extension solely self-sufficiently with regenerative energy and the secondary aim, dependent on location, is to also supply the house itself with the energy generated by the glass extension.

In our day-to-day existence, we all need to think about ways of saving energy. And governments need to play their part by setting new standards. In my opinion Europe is approaching the matter very intensively, and luckily others are gradually following. We have known for some time that glass extensions are a component of reliable solar architecture but now we are leading the way proactively as glass extensions can make a significant contribu- tion to the environment. The energy saving potential of glass extensions is clear.

Christian Wiegel is research project manager, Solarlux

ADF MAY 2017

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