Making the most of daylight

Our range of Flatglass rooflights are an aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective way to bring extra daylight into both commercial and residential buildings. Roofglaze’s Online Shop offers various stock sizes of Fixed and Hinged Flatglass rooflights, as well as the opportunity to

add Ritec ClearShield treatments to protect your purchase. We have also recently added some stock sizes of Walk-on and Sliding Flatglass rooflights, which provides a quick and easy way to buy these more complex units for your project.

01480 474 797 Crittall acquires high security glazing

Crittall Holdings has announced the acquisition of the Trade and Assets of Fendor – a leading UK company with expertise in the provision of high security, ballistic and bombproof fenestration. The company is also a major supplier of windows used in custodial and mental health institutions and the

petrochemical industries. The acquisition creates Crittall Fendor that will complement the Essex-based Crittall Group of companies in a number of significant ways. It expands the range of products and markets served, and offers geographical benefits in assisting Crittall Windows with its North of England and Scottish operations.

01376 530800

Commercial Success For FrameXpress

The frameXpress Ltd portfolio is now recognised as a leading PVC-U brand thanks to the quality guarantees, choice and aesthetic benefits it adds to new build and renovation projects for the domestic and commercial sectors. Over 16 colour foils

with optional faux timber finish are available in the new Optima system which won G-16 Award - New Product of The Year. Also, the company’s aluminium range offers a striking alternative for bifold doors with a combination of unique and attractive colour options that are BSI, Secured By Design and Constructionline accredited.

01952 581100 Architects Datafile website

The Architects Datafile (ADF) website is an online provider of past and present products and news items for the architect or specifier. is a one-stop source for all the latest press releases providing any visitor with access to information about products and services that they may require. From the website, you can find links to digital

issues that have live links to advertisers’ sites, as well as daily email alerts to keep you as informed as possible. Saint-Gobain Building Glass introduces its best performing conservatory roof glass

Saint-Gobain Building Glass has further enhanced its popular collection of conservatory roof glass, with the introduction of Azura+, setting new benchmarks for the lowest g-value in the SGG BIOCLEAN low mainte- nance self-cleaning range. More than a year’s development has gone into incorporating the best solar perform- ing low maintenance self-cleaning coating onto the popular Sapphire Blue tinted substrate, offering an 83 per cent heat reflection and 0.17 g-value, firmly placing the product at the top of Saint-Gobain’s roof glass range. The high performance solar control coating of Azura+ is also complimented by SGG BIOCLEAN, a revolu- tionary low-maintenance self-cleaning function that uses both rain and natural light from the sun to efficiently combat dirt and grime. Saint-Gobain’s roof glass range already includes the bronze tinted Solara and the blue tinted Azura, both with BIOCLEAN coating and, to streamline the range ahead of the launch of Azura+, the company’s green tinted Aqua and virtually neutral Natura roof glass products have been rebranded to Aqua+ and Natura+ to reflect their parallel use of the solar control coating.



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