brings light and security to

Gatwick Airport G

ood lighting is always essential but sometimes a well-lit interior also needs to be discreet when viewed

from outside. This is the case with the very long Pier 1 which runs alongside the baggage system and gates at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal Building. The two stringent requirements of privacy and security have been neatly solved using Kalwall®

, with the

added benefit of enhancing the long walkway by creating a pleasant interior ambience. Kalwall offers complete line-of-sight protection, maintaining privacy for building occupants while bathing the interior with dif- fused daylighting regardless of the weather. It can also be manufactured for blast resistant applications such as in airports and other sensitive public environments, or to protect workers in areas at risk from explosions, such as in refineries or industrial complexes. Kalwall is also key to overcoming security concerns. Apart from providing visual protection, its inherent strength makes it ideal

Preserve and enhance

Since the original Conservation Rooflight® was designed by The Rooflight Company over 20 years ago, numerous imitations have appeared. However, the original the Conservation Rooflight®

remains the most

authentic in its class. Slim steel sections, a glazing bar, glazing clips and traditional

opening mechanisms are just some of the reasons why this rooflight should be the first choice for our Nation’s much loved historic dwellings and landmark structures. For more information about the Conservation Rooflight®

, contact The Rooflight Company today. Commercial structural glazing specialists

Melayway Glass Associates Ltd is a specialist structural glazing and contracting business, based in Sunningdale, Surrey. It specialises and focuses its business on the design, supply and installation of a variety of bespoke glazed structures and solutions. Both its U.K.

And International specialist supply partners underline its attention to the importance of detail and exclusivity, combined with long term functionality. MGA’s offering is completely unique to the construc- tion industry. MGA’s very experienced team are available to provide consultancy services in all aspects of structural glazing and facades.

for secure locations. With heavy duty impact resistance properties, access through wall or rooflights can be denied while fire and most chemicals will not affect its surface Aesthetically, Kalwall will eliminate shadows and glare and the stark contrasts of light and shade. The system also enhances simplicity by doing away with the need for blinds, curtains or solar control. Even on cloudy days, the interior is flooded with

natural daylight, which means less artificial lighting and, because Kalwall is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced. The standard Kalwall 70mm thick panel offers insulation up to 0.28W/m2

K – equivalent to

a cavity filled solid wall. Apart from being specified for all types of

new build project, Kalwall is increasingly used for the refurbishment of cladding or rooflights on aged buildings. Case studies and technical information are available from Structura UK Ltd please call or visit the website.

Structura UK is the exclusive distributor

for Kalwall translucent daylight building systems for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a leading supplier, fabricator and installer of glass curtain walling, rainscreens, glass atria, windows and other architectural glass building products.

01233 501 504

More ground-breaking innovations...

The brief for The Grange, sat on a hill side near Penzance, was to construct a multi-level clear struc- ture that opened up onto the landscaped hillside, which formed the family garden. Access to the garden with the largest seamless opening was the

challenge to be overcome. A corner opening frameless structure and new innovation in glass was required to achieve the clients dreams, Glasspace designers and structural engineers created a cantilevered glass corner solution incorporating Glasspace Infiniti Fineline sliding doors. You are invited to take a virtual tour of this structure at: Architects Datafile website

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