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RECOVERY FROM A CAR CRASH Using Craniosacral Therapy

By Anasuya Basil, NC, Dipl. ABT, CST O

ne moment you’re having a routine day, and the next moment, the sound of

squealing tires and crunching metal jolt you into a new reality. This happens for almost 2.5 million Americans every year, so if you have been in a recent car crash, you are not alone.

Consequences of a Car Crash After a crash, you may feel

pain from an injury, but sometimes you are just numb and shaken. The next day, swelling and discomfort intensify. Whiplash is a neck injury caused when

the force of impact snaps the neck rapidly back and forth. Other common injuries are to the head, back, knees, and across the torso where the seat belt held you in place. Fourteen percent of all traumatic brain injuries are from motor vehicle accidents. Even with relatively mild injuries, the shock to your nervous system can linger for months. Depression, irritability, and anxiety increase, interfering with productivity and pleasure.

Getting Help to Recover A visit to a medical doctor is necessary to rule out, or treat, serious injuries. Modalities such as chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture are helpful to relieve symptoms. I find craniosacral therapy (CST) to be an important adjunct therapy to all of these modalities because it is particularly effective for reducing both the emotional shock and trauma, as well as the physical discomfort.

Structural Integration-optimizing structural, energetic, and functional change in the human body.

Overcoming Anxiety and

Physical Discomfort Jill was rear-ended by a distracted driver and came to me with headaches, neck pain, difficulty breathing, and increased anxiety. At the time of the accident, she had been preparing for an extended work project overseas, and she had a long to-do list to accomplish before her departure. The stress of the car crash magnified her worries about the trip. We were able to fit in four sessions before she left and eliminated her symptoms. Jill also let go of fear and was able to prepare for travel calmly and with renewed excitement.

Jean Louise Green, CMT (530) 899-7653 - Chico

Certified Rolf Practitioner of Structural Integration


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