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Body & Mind “Not two.”

In this “Not two” nothing is separate, nothing is excluded, no matter when or where.

Emptiness here, emptiness there, but the infinite universe stands always before your eyes.” From “Verses on the Faith Mind” by Sengstan

All of this from my wife and I

taking a walk!! Anyway, I share this train of thought knowing that so many in our world are suffering because of a low level of consciousness-fear-greed-egotism-low levels of education and lack of care and love and guidance. My prayers are that all people will return to eating a whole-foods diet, begin chewing each mouthful 30-40 times, and heal their digestion, blood, body, mind, and soul. All change begins by changing the blood. The internal environment changes first and then the external environment follows suit. The humble person with gratitude in a high station shines like the light of the sun, while the humble person with gratitude in a lowly position cannot be passed by! Why? Because there is great strength in humility and gratitude and no matter where your place in life is, it is always somehow noticed and rewarded. Meanwhile, this wonderful

holiday season I hope you will all shop at

S&S Produce for our great holiday sales. I know that in November, many of us will eat turkey and gravy and stuffing and a lot of proinflammatory omega-6 fatty acids that come with it, so S&S is having its entire line of Nordic Naturals omega-3 fish oils on a 25 percent off sale to help you balance those omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

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As for me, I think I’ll take another walk

and continue to deepen my gratitude for living such an amazing life in such an amazing area of this incredible country— thank you. Water, air, and food—thank you.

All of the wonderful people I have met and so many I love—thank you eternally.

Happy Holidays, Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods

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