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Complementary Health By Donald Payne

Most of us know him as Donald, the gentle man who gives generously of his time and advice at S&S Produce and Natural Foods in Chico, where he’s worked for more than 30 years. Donald has also practiced t’ai chi since 1974 and been a member of the Natural Food Association since 1970. You can reach Donald at 530-343-4930, ext. 213.

Taking Time to Smell the Roses H

ello again, dear reader. Recently, I went for a walk with my wife (we live

in Paradise) and as I was walking I marveled at the pine trees and birds, just the noises of nature. What an incredible world and what an amazing existence. We are so sheltered in this area, more rural and not such a dense population. So we get to enjoy and experience the lessons and blessings that nature expresses constantly. Anyway, I reflected on

how much goodness we must have accumulated along the path of our life stream (how many lives?) in order for us to be allowed to live here now, now instead of being in the middle of a war- torn country, being bombed, no food, no clean water.

Around this time of year the

feelings of a holy gratitude begin to fill me. Also, that is the nature of wintertime. We harvest our crops and store up our foodstuffs for the winter snows. During the winter cold all things slow down and the change leads us to more internal and spiritual work (whereas in the summer

Fiona’s Forest

Wild Crafted Tinctures • Hydrosols & Salves “Wild Harvested by Experienced Herbalist”

Natural Alternatives for: Seasonal Allergies

Hormone Imbalance Arthritis, Cancer Lyme Disease

Call to arrange a free consultation (530) 876-1455

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we were active and focused on the external world and physical activity).

We all know this cycle of life yet very few really look into and use these changes for greater growth. In fact, there really is nothing else but this cycle—birth, animation, death, resurrection, and on and on. The seed sprouts, becomes a tree, grows fruit, fruit drops to the ground, and goes back to soil to nourish the tree again. The creation, animation, and destruction of all phenomena can be looked at as no more than the attraction and/ or repulsion of the two bipolar forces yin (winter, cold, and space) and yang (hot, summer, and time).

“To come directly into Harmony with this reality just simply say when doubt arises,

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