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it is not true or does not reflect what really happened! Feelings are an entirely subjective reality. As neuroscientist Dr. Michael Posner of the University of Oregon points out, “The idea that perception can be manipulated by expectations is fundamental to the study of cognition.”

While we often insist that

our view of the world and events is an objective reflection of what is “real,” the truth is that complete objectivity is a delusion. We may do our best to be objective but, as Heisenberg demonstrated, it is basically unachievable. I have often

been compelled to remind couples that their personal truth is their enemy when it comes to having a successful and fulfilling relationship. It is the enemy of understanding. It is also the enemy of enlightenment. We are comfortable with the familiar, but it is our “Achilles heel.” Everything we

perceive is to a certain degree an illusion. Not in the sense that it is not there, but in the sense that it is not entirely as we perceive it to be. What we insist is real and true is a projection of our own beliefs and expectations, which blocks us from perceiving truths that are outside the realm of our own experience. It is also apparent that our brains have trouble distinguishing between memory and fantasy.

from our brains to our sensory organs are 10 times more prevalent than nerve bundles coming from our senses to our brains.

This surprising discovery should

give us pause to wonder and reason to celebrate. Understanding the way we are wired opens new possibilities for personal empowerment and higher intentionality.

Our beliefs are derived from the

meaning we assign to our experiences. These perceived meanings are encoded in familiar mental and emotional states based on prior experiences that actually become our biology—neural networks that determine our perception. Did you know that there

is considerably more capacity for information exchange from our brains to our senses than the other way around? Neural bundles that send information

There is considerable evidence that we can literally create our own reality by re-creating our brains—our neural pathways—by design. This is not just a “new age” wishful notion. In fact, numerous practical tools are emerging from the field of epigenetic medicine that have proven quite effective in accomplishing such transformation. The more we see the world in

a certain way, the more our experience of it conforms to that belief. And the more calcified our beliefs become, the more it seems to us that our beliefs and the perceptions are the only true reality. Repetition does not make it so. To empower ourselves to create

the life we want, we must stop rewriting our stories from our wounds and disappointments and learn to develop flexible perception. Perceptual flexibility is your

ticket to happiness, fulfillment ... and wisdom.

Dr. Jim Collins, known as Redtail, is a seasoned psychologist, a wisdom keeper in the lineage of the Laika shamans of Peru, and a many-time Sun-dancer in the Lakota sacred tradition. He blends an extensive background in epigenetic and energy medicine with the ancient wisdom of the Americas to assist self-mastery—helping people find their wings.

Private sessions and other

transformational opportunities are available through his Redding office at 530-604-8653 or through his website at

Energy Medicine & Transformational Coaching Empowerment Workshops and Retreats

Jim “Redtail” Collins, PhD 530-604-8653


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