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London four-piece Te Big Moon are a breath of fresh air in today’s often stagnant (and male dominated) indie rock scene. After a triumphant breakthrough into the spotlight last year, Juliette, Fern, Soph and Celia have supported the likes of Te Maccabees, Ezra Furman and Peace, and signed to Fiction Records in March. Teir live shows are always a joy, packed with bouncy guitars and infectious stage personas, which landed them slots at festivals galore over the summer. Ahead of their debut Norwich headliner this November, we grabbed bassist Celia for a chat from the midst of the recording process. .

How’s recording going? It’s so much fun. Tere have been lots of 12-hour days and no days off, but we haven’t killed each other yet. We’ve had lots of inflatables, like a banana, flamingo and monkey. We found this stress ball thing and just hit it around to each other in this really beautiful courtyard where the studios are. It’s nice to be able to go outside when you get to the point where you’ve played a song so many times and you’re like ‘I don’t know if I can give any more’. Some of the singles will go on and other stuff we’ve already done, but the majority of the album is

20 / October 2016/

new stuff that we’re recording in this 12 day period. You played a ton of festivals over the summer. What were some of the best bits? Glastonbury was awesome, for obvious reasons. It was the first time I’d ever even been as a punter so to get to go and to be playing three shows and for loads of our friends to be there… I just didn’t expect it to feel as important as it did. You really feel like you’re playing Glastonbury. Latitude was amazing, I nearly cried at that show. I think I was a bit drunk and when we played Cupid everyone was singing along and I was like ‘oh my god!’ Tat

was pretty special. Kendal Calling was beautiful as well; it’s such a beautiful part of the world and a really nice festival with a great line-up and really nice vibes. Your music gets a lot of comparisons to Britpop, and Phil Taggart described it as ‘if Weezer covered a Phil Spector band’. Are these influences of yours? Yeah, definitely. Tat’s one of the best things anyone’s ever said about us! Jules [Juliette Jackson, lead guitarist] is a huge Graham Coxon fan, as am I, and you can’t really escape all the Britpop stuff, being our age. Tat’s what we listened to when we were little. And we listen to Te Blue Album by Weezer all the time in the van. Tere’s a certain stretch of road on the way back into London where we’re always listening to that record; it’s never on purpose but it always happens. Silent Movie Susie is the current single. What’s the story behind it? I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say! It’s not my story, it’s Jules’. I can talk about the video though [which features the hilarious day in the life of an unfortunate Barbie doll]. Mainly it happened the way it

did because we sent the song to our friend Louis, and he came back with this idea which we thought was fucking hilarious. And he sent us little videos of this doll he bought and just the way he moved it was so funny. When he sends us edits for videos we hardly change that much because his sense of comedic timing and rhythm are excellent. Tere’s a poster in the video for Trudy and the Romance, who are supporting on the headline tour. What can you tell us about them? Rather than pick an obvious support, we asked around to see if there was any new talent we could bring on tour with us basically, and a friend suggested Trudy. I think Tarek [Musa, Spring King] produced the first couple of their singles, so there was that as well. We listened to them and it’s quite different to what’s out there at the moment and blew us away a little bit. Tey’re really lovely boys too – we met them at Liverpool Sound City festival. What can the people of Norwich expect from Te Big Moon? Oh wow. I don’t know! Tere’ll be around nine songs, and they’ll all be played loud, and we’ll probably jump around quite a lot. We’ll probably have drunk quite a lot of beer and Jules will do a stupid dance, which really does make a show. Tere’ll be lots of songs that you can yell along to and you’ll have the best night of your life!


> INFORMATION Te Big Moon play Norwich Waterfront Studio on 2nd November. Tickets are available from Read this interview in full at outline

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