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Feeder have been around since ’96. Teir massive rock sound has echoed through most of the may remember them from their jaunty hit single Buck Rogers. Tey’ve never really stopped making music together, and their latest album All Bright Electric is about to drop. Heading out on a tour of intimate venues, including the LCR is a smart move, considering they usual fill arenas, and means us in Norwich get to see them! I spoke to lead singer Grant about playing the Isle of Wight Festival after a four year break and why Japan loves them so much.

What were your first experiences of making music as individuals? For me it was my school band when I around 11. We did one of our own songs but mainly covers. Anything from the Police and Bowie to Black Sabbath! How did you two meet? I know there were a few incarnations of the band post being called Feeder, but what clicked between the two of you that worked? We met through an ad in Loot. We were looking for a good bass player and I saw an ad that Taka had posted. He mentioned he liked Jane’s Addiction so I called him up! We later met in Camden for a cup of tea and it just went from there. You’ve been taking a break

16 / October 2016/

from Feeder for the last four years – what have you been up to in that time? I’ve been recording and touring a few solo albums and Taka has been doing a side band in Japan and a few other projects. You have a new album out in October – All Bright Electric. Did your time apart from each other have an effect on your songwriting for this new offering? I think the break was good for both our head spaces and we feel reborn after the hiatus. I think the solo album has influenced my approach to recording and it has brought a new flavour to the sound also, especially vocally. You have a ‘classic Feeder’ sound – is that something we can expect to hear on the new

album? It has some classic old school Feeder elements but has a more analogue and organic feel, retro but current. I really like how it turned out in general and think it captures our chemistry. Te new album has a bee (or is it a wasp?) on the front of it – what is the significance of that? We wanted a simple, clean, strong and iconic image for the cover. My friend came up with the sleeve idea and we all instantly new it was the one. It's a wasp but everyone thought it was a bee when we first saw it! Your first time back on stage after the break was at the Isle of Wight Festival which isn’t really a low key gig! Were you nervous? It was a pretty brave move after no warm up, but we felt it was the best way of getting back out there after the break. Jump in at deep end and see how it goes. We had a packed tent and the audience were amazing so it all worked out good but I have to say the heart was pumping fast before the show… You’re playing smaller venues on this upcoming tour than you’d usually play – is that something you’re looking forward to? We felt it was best to come back and build to bigger venues when the album has been out a while. It’s also nicer for people to hear some new songs in slightly more intimate venues. Saying that the smallest is around 1000 and the biggest just over 3000 so still good sized venues and we are really looking forward to getting back out there! You’ve had such great success commercially – 25 Top 40 hits, and over five million record sales worldwide. Do you feel any pressure to keep up that level of popularity in 2016? We just want to move forward as a band and enjoy making music. As a writer and a band I still feel we have so much more to do and places to perform. Japan love Feeder! Have you

ever worked out why there’s that affinity there? Tey like guitar based bands in general and especially melodic heavy ones like Feeder. We also have Taka who is Japanese and we both always love playing there. Japan is such an interesting country with a great history and fantastic food. Tey know how to party also so we tend to have a few messy nights after the shows! You’ve managed to maintain a successful band for many years now – what has been the secret to holding it together for so long? I think hard work and belief. We also have great support from our fans and families. I think we always try and think about songs rather than fads or trends as they come and go… Feeder is Feeder. Which musicians and bands have been an inspiration to you through the years, and which new bands are you into? Tere are so many but Sabbath, Te Beatles, Lennon, Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Bowie, Te Police, Neil Young, Pink Floyd and the Sex Pistols are all definitely on the list. I like Band of Skulls and Everything Everything a lot, Royal Blood rock and there are also some great acoustic artists around. Radiohead also still blow me away, especially live . You’ve already achieved so much – what else is on your list of hopes and dreams for Feeder? To play South America and tour the US again would be nice but really just to continue the journey for as long as there is still a spark and we feel we are making good music. Rock and Roll!


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