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Police report PCSO John Boyd reported there had been eight calls to the police. There were three crimes to report: Elmstone Lane, theft of copper earthing and tubing from telephone site; Elmstone Lane, carrying a BB gun in a public place, the gunwas confiscated; a dog bite in Headcorn Rd. Liverton Hill During the current closure, workerswere resurfacing some areas and refilling others. One diversion signwas wrongly placed. Ditches, gullies and potholes The KCC teamwas investigating drains and gullies and put in a new drain at the Woodcock lane junction side of the problem. The problem was under the driveway in Fox’s Earth and would need jeing. Itwas agreed that the clerk would write again. Verges The verges had not been cut in the parish. Cuing stopped at the boundary at Southernden. This parish had not been done at all and it should be twice a year. The clerk would contact KCC. HGVsignage The clerk would contact KCC Cllr Jenny While and also chase up the wooden finger post for the village green. Buses No changeswere expected in the 59 bus route. Some newer buseswere now in service which complied with the Disability Act.

Community assets Members discussed which, if any, sites to protect. Suggestions included the pub/Green, village hall, QE tree. The clerk would ask Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC) for advice about procedure. Lier/dogwaste bins Members discussed the potential purchase and siting and agreed to liaise with Maidstone Council on whether it would empty a bin if onewas purchased. Itwas decided to monitor the situation for a while.


Police briefing PCSO MaAdlington reported that there had been criminal damage to notices at the church and six nuisance vehicle calls, three of whichwere in Bredhurst Woods. Footpath The resurfacing would be starting soon on the path from Court Lodge to Strawberry Banks. The paths from the church to Kemsley Street and from Kemsley Street to the coages would follow. The fence on Kemsley Street would be removed to provide access and then be reinstated. Allotments Itwas agreed to keep the current allotment contract as itwas and to give priority to residents and then those within a one-mile radius of Bredhurst. Itwas agreed to contact the resident who enquired some months ago about the vacancy first and if it was not taken up, to advertise it on the website before offering it to the non-resident on thewaiting list. Grass-cuing Therewere two separate contracts. The field behind the village hall was maintained by KCC but paid for by the parish council, while the vergeswere done and paid for by Maidstone Council. The standard of verge maintenance had been very poor and disjointed this year. Itwas agreed to write to KCC Leader, Cllr Paul Carter, enquiring about how muchwas spent on verge maintenance and any possible devolution of this funding for the parish council to manage maintenance itself. PlanningAretrospective application for a

54 Maidstone East October 2016

single storey log cabin for use as a garden summer house at 4Willis Coages, Dunn Street Road,was considered. The applicant was invited to comment and explained why the applicationwas retrospective. Residents were invited to comment andwere generally against the development, due to overshadowing and loss of privacy. Itwas agreed to comment against the application. Gibraltar Farm The planning appeal would be heard on October 4. Councillors would liaise over aendance at the hearing. Finance The completed audit had been received with no issues raised. Thankswere given to the clerk. Public session Residentswere encouraged to report issues such as unemptied dog bins directly to Maidstone Council. Therewas no more news on making The Cut oneway.


Hockers LaneAresident who aended the planning commiee meeting raised concerns regarding the development at Hockers Lane. She said that the level of the land had been increased by 4-5ft at the site, making this higher than anticipated. Itwas agreed that the clerk would raise concerns with planning enforcement officers. The Street Objectionswere raised to a planning application for five new houses at the rear of 26 The Street, Detling. Planning maersAplanning application had been received for the Detling Aerodrome Industrial Estate. Representatives of Detling, Thurnham and Stockbury parish councilswere due to meet to discuss this. Cllr Everden stated that Maidstone Council had its five-year housing supply and thiswas a positive move for applications for development. He spoke regarding the appeal for Hockers Lane and stated that the parish council had submied its planning representations to the planning inspector.


Chairman’s report Cllr Bedwell reported that fly-tippingwas a real problem in the village. Greenway Court Road had had a seee, building debris and a sink dumped in it, aswell as flytipping in Eyhorne Street and around the recycling area.Agazebo inventorywas carried out and notes had been made of the damaged ones, some of which could be repaired, and they had been safely stored away. Fete Cllr Bedwell said that preparations for the 2017 fete needed to start early. He insisted that nothingwas printed or placed on the villagewebsite about the fete without the fete commiee’s permission first. Village hall Cllr Bedwall had been contacted by a gentleman who had bought a property, and while working on it, found the 1967/68 approved drawing of the village hall. The drawings had subsequently been given to John Holley so that they could be displayed at the village hall. Lighting The new street lighting looked fantastic and the parish councillors thanked Cllr John Cobbe for all the efforts he had made in geing the lights up and running. KCC Cllr Jenny While had also assisted the parish council in arranging the grant for the lights and her helpwas really appreciated. Crime report PCSO RyanWaring reported there had been five crimes: thefts from vehicle, Eyhorne Street and the A20; criminal

damage in Greenway Court Road and Eyhorne Street; vehicle interference, Station Approach. Therewere no cases of anti-social behaviour. In comparison, therewere four crimes reported in the same period last year. The PCSOswere unsure whether Network Railwas informed of criminal incidents which took place on its land. The clerk would chase up the leer that the parish council sent to Network Rail regarding the work required to the security camera at the station. It would be good for the company to install a further camera at the entrance to Station Approach to monitor any potential offenders. Fires There had recently been two cars burnt out on the Drakes Lane byway. Anyone who sees fires on this byway should call 999 to report to Kent Fire and rescue Service who would refer the maer to the police if it is a vehicle fire. Buses Regarding the proposed meeting with Stagecoach to consider double running the bus to service the Hollingbourne side of the A20 on Maidstone-bound journeys, KCC Cllr Jenny While reported that the county council had agreed to Stagecoach’s request to carry out a risk assessment, but this needed to be done quickly. Borough councillor’s report Cllr Patrick Garten advised that he had spoken to the possible developer of the property at 21 Eyhorne Street and he would be moving materials to the property by dumper truck. To take up the ground floor he would need to move about 100 tons of rubble, which would then need to be filled with cement. The logistics in carrying out this workwere difficult to comprehend. The developer had also suggested that he have a meeting with the neighbouring residents, but Cllr Garten had heard nothing since andwas pursuing the maer. War memorial Mr Davison, of the Royal British Legion, had a team of volunteers working party to repair and tidy up the villagewar memorial. Itwas proposed the work took place during half term, October 22 to 30 to avoid disrupting the entrance to the school gate. Hewas investigating the provision of a small grant from a large supermarket chain and this looked very positive. Arson There had been an arson aack on the Millennium Green. Grass cuings placed beneath a tree had been set alight, leaving a blackened mess of charred grass. Fortunately, the tree did not catch fire but the situation could have been a lot worse. Help The parish council needed a lot more volunteers from other organisations at the village fete which would be held on June 10, 2017. Please contact the clerk on 01622 880526 if you would like to help. The clerk would send out invitations to all three hostelries in the village with a tender to provide the bar, evening food and entertainment at the fete. Off-road The off-road motor cycle club seemed to be meeting once a month but did not seem to be so popular. The parish council would continue to keep an eye on the situation. TwinningAtrip had been organised to go to the Armistice Day events in Templeuve on November 11 and Templeuve residents would be coming to Kent on November 12 and 13 for Remembrance events, including a service in All Saints’ Church and a lunch in the village hall. The parish council would warmlywelcome any new villagers to come along.

Parish Councils

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