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and Malling and Maidstone boroughs, which must be kept. There are developments approved on

both sides of the A20 beyond the railway bridge. We need professional planners who live

in the area. What does MP Tracy Crouch think of Hermitage Lane? I am totally disillusioned with what is happening to this area. Mr P D Royall, by email

Benefits of event unclear

FOLLOWING the recent Ramblin’ Man Fair event in Mote Park, I have listened to those complaining about the noise, to those reporting a financial gain to the community and to those who enjoy the music.

Unfortunately, there are conflicting responses and clearly there needs to be a balanced look at the outcomes of this event and, if needed, to look for changes. I went to the event on the Saturday and clearly there was a large audience enjoying the music and this aspect was well organised. Then I walked across the park to Mote House where, at my request, the Council had installed a noise detection recording instrument. This instrument recorded five occasions,

on that day when the sound levels went above the agreed limit. However, it quickly became very clear to me that the problem was not just the music, but the setup. The sound of four groups playing at the same time arrived at Mote House as a cacophonous, grating, jarring, and disturbing noise. The music was lost, with just the relentless sound of the bass notes underpinning the noise. It was very unpleasant and I can understand why residents have complained. Unfortunately, these residents have been left with the answer that the event raises money, and really there is nothing that can be done about it. If a lower more acceptable limit was set in the contract, much of this problem would be solved The contract signed by Maidstone Borough Council was not made with the Ramblin’ Man but the Spirit of Rock Ltd. The company is registered with Companies House with two directors, but

AWHITE Range Rover PS62***was stolen from a driveway in Upper Street, Leeds. Thieves took a garden gate from a prem-

ises in Ashford Road, Bearsted. A hanging basket containing plants was

stolen from a property in Cross Keys, Bearsted. Cash was stolen when a shop in Detling

Hillwas broken into. Agatewas damaged at a house in Ashford

Road, Bearsted. In Henley Fields,Weavering, a motor ve-

hiclewas broken into. A black and blue Scott Genius 730 bicycle

was stolen from a shed in Pilgrims Way, Harrietsham. Agreen electric golf buggy with extended

rear parcel shelf for convenience goods was stolen from the driveway of the golf club in Chartway Street, Kingswood. Two bicycles – a turquoise Gian Viv and a

yellow/black Carrera racing model – were stolen from a garden in High Street, Lenham.

further information is sparse. In 2015, something did go wrong. The organising company, then called UK Rock Festival Ltd, did go under. How was the Ramblin Man affected? Did they lose money? Did the council make the money it anticipated? I have been told that this year, local businesses made £1.5million, but with no backing evidence. I am very happy for local private businesses to profit, but what about our taxpayers, who invested in this event? It is essential that clear and full details of the financial outcome of this investment should be made readily available for public inspection. Mote Park is not in a rural spot. It is in

the centre of Maidstone, surround by homes and residents. Clearly there is a great need to fund the upkeep of the park, but I do see a real need to consider more closely and sympathetically the outcomes for our residents. Cllr Mike Revell, Maidstone Borough Council, Bearsted ward

Park is the wrong venue

IN RESPONSE to the points raised by Chris Ingham, the positive feedback he received about Ramblin’ Man undoubtedly came from the attendees, not the surrounding residents. An event like this can do very little to showcase Maidstone and Kent. Attendees stay or camp on site, then go home, with little benefit to the local economy. I would invite him to look at the park

and the damage that heavy vehicles have done to the grass. The main point which Mr Ingham does

not appear to understand are the words “too loud”. Mote Park is absolutely wrong as a

venue for this event. It is in the middle of housing, so a great many Maidstone residents will be subject to unwelcome noise. Too many attendees use adjacent streets as long-term car parks, causing traffic problems. I also take issue with Mr Ingham’s claim

that it is a highlight in the Maidstone calendar. I dare say that there are some people who like this sort of ear-shattering experience, but I would think that for most people it is something to be avoided. I doubt very much that, unless forced so

to do, Mr Ingham will make any changes to the level of noise. It has never been reduced in the past. How many remember the problems with the Radio 1 Roadshow, where those monitoring noise levels proved impotent to enforce the limits? The limits are far too generous. If noise could be heard as far away as Hucking, it must have been intolerable outside the park. The county showground at Detling has excellent parking and toilet facilities, is easily accessible and well away from large residential areas. It is the obvious place for occasions like this, if Mr Ingham is unable to refrain from bringing his noisy event to the area. David Hackett, ParkWay

Time to move festival

I HAVE just found out through the Downs Mail that the Ramblin’ Man rock festival on the weekend July 23/24 was over the sound limit on five occasions on the Saturday. As a resident of Grove Green,

Weavering, this can be really frustrating to listen to all weekend. Even with the windows closed, I could still hear the music. I enjoy going to concerts and I love live

music, but Mote Park is surrounded by houses and there is no sound-proofing, so the music can be heard from afar. I think it would be a good idea to move

this festival to the Detling Showground as this an ideal venue for parking, camping etc. I know the Social has been held at the showground for the last couple of years - yet I haven’t heard anyone moan or complain about the noise locally about that festival. Natasha Bastone,Weavering

Local news a click away

I HAD not realised all four latest editions of Downs Mail are now so easily and quickly accessible on the Downs Mail website. It saves me a fortune in postage to

relatives in USA,Australia and New Zealand. Josie Smith, Bearsted

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

A screed pump was stolen from a trailer parked on the drive of a property in Chatham Road, off Bluebell Hill. A Nissan Qashqai parked in a car park at

Grovewood Drive North, Weavering,was deliberately scratched. Several small trees and the surfacing of a

play area at Penhurst Close, Weavering were damaged. A parked vehicle in St Welcumes Way, Harrietsham, had its tyres damaged. A number plate was removed from a

green Toyota Corolla parked on the road at The Street, Boxley. InWinifred Road, Bearsted, a Citroen van parked in the roadwas broken into and cash was stolen.

Leadwas stolen from the yard of business premises in Forstal Lane, Harrietsham. Males were witnessed at the time and en- quirieswere ongoing. A garage in a block in Douglas Road, Lenham, was broken into and searched but nothing appeared to have been taken.




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