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News | GCSE results GCSE students make the grade

GCSE students across the district are celebrating after going for gold and matching the national rise in A*-C grades this year.

Exam officials confirm that 68.8%

of entries scored A*-C (up 0.7%), while those achieving a C or above in English dipped, as did the overall pass rate (98.5%). However, across the country

pupils fared better in maths, with 62.4% getting a gradeCor above (up 4.8%). The dip in English has been put

down to recent reforms, which have included amove to linear, non-mod- ular courses and less coursework and the removal of the "speaking and listening" element of the subject. The gender gap also continued,

with 73.1% of girls’ exam entries achieving A*-C compared with 64.3% for boys. Exam officials also highlighted a fall in the numbers of entries for biology, chemistry and physics – the first decline for a decade. This is how youngsters fared in

our region: At Invicta Grammar, 100% of stu-

dents achieved fiveA*-C grades and 72% of all gradeswere at A*/A. More than three-quarters of all 181 students gained five or moreA* orA grades and, over half eight A* or A grades. Head Julie Derrick said: “We are exceptionally proud of our students and staff. If learningwas an Olympic sport, our students and staff would have won gold.” Notable achievers included MuskaanAli, Mangat Guntash, Bry- ony Jenner, Emily Lloyd, Shona Mitchelmore, Michalina Michalska, Yasmin Pewsey and Sophie Scott, who achieved straight A*s. Lucy Brice, Maddie Campbell,

Evie Horner, Lydia Levett and Suha Miah achieved 12 A* orAgrades Twins Olasubomi and Olamid Tolu-Ogunpolu achieved 21 A/A* grades between them, seven of them A*s. At St Simon Stock Catholic School a total of 68% of pupils at- tained A*-C grades in English and maths, with 97% earning A*-Cs in English language, and 24 earning A*A grades across more than half their subjects. Ryan Ellesmere, Carol Mealin-Vazquez, Aiden Huynh- Nguyen and Ben George averaged A*A grades across nearly all their subjects. A third of students achieved an

average of more than one whole grade higher than their target in all their subjects, with exceptional re- sults forWiktoria Miszczak, Zachary Jones and Ellie Hodgetts. Principal BrendanWall said: “For

the last few years our students have made significantly greater progress than students in schools nationally, and this includes selective schools in

18 Maidstone East October 2016

Good news for these students from Invicta Grammar School for Girls, and right, Mason Dadson, from Cornwallis School earned eight A to C grades

our area.” Out of 232 students at Cornwallis School, 49% achieved the gold stan- dard of five A*-C passes, including English and maths – an11%increase on last year’s results. Overall, 61% achieved A*-C grades, with high achievers includ- ing Chloe Sinclair, Elaura Lacey and Megan Brailey (eight A*-A grades) and Mason Dadson, Reece Winter and GeorgeWatts, who all received at least eight A*-C grades. Principal Isabelle Linney-Drouet

said: “I am delighted with this out- standing set of results that students, parents and staff can be rightly proud of.” At Sutton Valence School, one in

three pupils achieved five A grades or better, with 69% of passes at A*-B grades. Top performers included Ellie Agu-Benson, who achieved 11 A*s; Olivia Ferris (nine A*s) and Francesca Ash (seven A*s). Head Bruce Grindlay said: “Our teaching staff and students have demonstrated how much one can improve, given the right environ- ment, focus and support.We are de- lighted with this year’s results and despite the large year group and a more diverse cohort, the pupils’ hard work has paid dividends.” At Maidstone Grammar School

for Girls, students notched up an- other “pleasing set of results”, with 61% of achieving five or more A*/A grades, and 37% at least eight at these grades.

Congratulations go to Lauren O

and Grace S who both earned 11 A* grades. Head Deborah Stanley said: “These results reflect the huge amount of work by our students, to- gether with the support and encour- agement of the teaching staff.” At Maplesden Noakes, 56% of students achieved five or more A*- Cs - 82% including English and 65% maths.

St Simon Stock art students Gabriela Zorek, Adrianne Soliven and Coleen Waterton with teacherMay Farrell, and below, Megan Parrott, Scott Fox, Aaron Biggs and Bobby Liston collect their results at New Line Learning Academy

Those earning special mention in- cluded: Sammi Ta (10 A*s, two As), Zak Allam (seven As, two Bs and three Cs), Rukiya Choudhury (four A*s, five As, and three Bs), Brooke Ellis (two A*s, eight As and two Bs) and Charlie-May Loft (two A*s, six As, three Bs). Head Jane Prideaux said: “This

year group worked extremely hard and we are all very proud of their outstanding achievements.” Of 115 students who sat GCSEs at

New Line Learning Academy,in Loose, 1.6% achievedA* and43%se-

cured A*-C grades. Notable successes included Vicky Harris, who secured As in English language and literature, as well as six Bs; Angel Limbu (anAin PE and six Bs), Bobby Liston (anAin art and a B in PE), and Craig Lionet (A grades in Mandarin and maths, as well as six Bs). Principal David Elliott said:“Well

done to all our students, but in par- ticular to those who worked excep- tionally hard to achieve excellent results, which are testament to their dedication and efforts.”

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