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CHAIRMAN:Bob Hinder CLERK: Pauline BowderyASST CLERK: Melanie Fooks Parish Office, Beechen Hall,Wildfell Close,Walderslade, ME5 9RU

Tel: 01634 861237 email: Website: Contact details for parish councillors can be obtained from the parish office, the Useful Contact Details leaflet or the website Praise for lier volunteers

THE parish council has thanked two people who have been volun- tarily carrying out litter picks in their own area atWildfell Close. Cllr Kaz Macklin reported how

she had met the pair while they were clearing rubbish. She said: “It’s something they do every sin- gle week. I suggest we should say a thank you for their civic pride.” The parish council meeting thanked them for their community spirit and also posted thanks on its

PLANS to create a pond in wood- land near the subway in Cossington Valley are being supported by the parish council. Rob Burrows, chairman of

Walderslade Woodlands Group, said the project would commemo- rate the late Alan Springate, who was a dedicated volunteer and parish council member. Cllr Tony Harwood said: “Bring-

ingwater back into the landscape is beneficial for wildlife, people and the woodland itself. I think it would be a fitting tribute to Alan and his love of wildlife.” Boxley councillors agreed to sup-

port the project and will receive up- dates on progress.Asecond smaller pondwas also being considered.

Homes inquiry THE planning inquiry into propos- als for 450 houses at Gibraltar Farm, Ham Lane, just over the parish boundary, in Medway, will be held on October 4, following an appeal by the applicant. The Planning Inspectorate hear-

ing will be held at Medway Coun- cil’s Civic Suite at Gun Wharf, Chatham. Boxley parish councillors will be attending the inquiry every day and it is planned to give evi- dence against the proposed devel- opment.

Get growing IF you are interested in growing your own fruit and veg, there are vacant plots at the parish council’s allotments site at Dove Hill. The next few weeks are a great time to prepare for next year’s harvest. Contact the parish office for more information on 01634 861237.

34 Maidstone East October 2016

website, saying: “A big thank you to the two people and also to the other residents who quietly con- tribute to their community by un- dertaking such work.” The council reminded people not

to drop litter and expect others to clear it up, but to take it home and put it in the bin. Residents can request a litter pick

from Maidstone Council by going on to itswebsite.

Keeping the parish clean and tidy

THE parish council’s environment committee is reviewing the litter prob- lem in the parish and will look at ways of involving the community. Cllr Wendy Hinder, chairman of the committee, said: “It is ridiculous

that people are still dropping litter and throwing it out of cars. Ratepay- ers’ money is being spent on cleaning up after these litter bugs.” The parish council is looking to support the volunteers that currently

undertake litter picks and would encourage people to contact the parish office about this. Councillors discussed setting up a rolling programmeof community litter picks as it is obvious that MBC cutbacks are having an adverse affect on its ability to clear litter.

Pond planned Fruit festival at orchard

WEAVERING’s apple-growing heritage will be celebrated at a Festival of Fruit on Saturday, October 15. Starting at 2pm atWeavering Diamond Jubilee Orchard, the event will

recall the orchards which once dominated the landscape. It will also cel- ebrate the history of Warner’s King, once known as the “king of ap- ples” – a very old species which originated in Weavering and is still grown in the Jubilee or- chard. A grant from Tesco,

funded from the 5p plas- tic bag levy, is paying for an educational project at the school, a new wooden slide at the orchard and theMayor of Maidstone, Cllr Derek Butler will plant a tree. Cllr Bob Hinder, chair-

Concerns over increase in

car parking CONCERNS were raised over an increase in car parking problems in Grovewood Drive South and ProvenderWay. Two residents attended the

parish council meeting to highlight issues caused by commuter park- ing which they said had become worse, in particular since Maid- stone Council’s park and ride serv- ice from Eclipse Park closed earlier this year. The residents said the situation

Dock bugs basking on a Bramley apple in the Jubilee orchard

man of the parish council, said: “From a near wildlife desert in 2011, the orchard is starting to blossom, and woodpeckers, blue tits and bats can be found”. Comealong and taste the fruit, see how the orchardwas developed and there are other activities planned for the day.

Status call at local plan inquiry

AT its meeting on September 12, the environment committee agreed the written submission to the Local Plan public inquiry which is due to commence on October 4. The Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan is being tested by an independent planning inspector for its soundness and the parish council’s planning consultant will be appearing to argue that the countryside in the Northward, which previously had Area of Local Landscape Importance status, should receive Local Landscape Im- portance status in the new plan. Adevelopment of 87 houses at Gleamingwood Drivewas recently agreed at appeal and residents and the parish council are concerned that this will open up the development of the whole area.

had become increasingly danger- ous, especially for children cross- ing the road on their way to and from school. As well as the park and ride clo-

sure, contributory factors were said to include new parking re- strictions at Mote Park, parking by coaches and by students from nearby schools. The residents were advised to

keep a log of the problems and Cllr Tony Harwood said that his bor- ough ward had similar problems, and for safety reasons, one hour re- strictionswere being introduced at certain times of the day. The environment committee has adopted a parking policy and will be raising the issue of Grovewood Drive South and Provender Way with Maidstone Council and Kent County Council. They will consider asking for double yellow lines at the junctions and single restricted yellow lines elsewhere to prevent commuters parking their cars in certain areas.

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