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Super benefice vicar vacancy

A MOVE to fill the vacant post of vicar at Hollingbourne will be ad- vertised this month. The news follows a delay in re- cruiting because of a larger reorgan- isation of churches – into a so-called super benefice – along the Pilgrims’ Way to form a new team ministry following the retire- ment of Rev Nigel Fry, priest in charge of the Leeds and Hollingbourne benefice , and the de- parture of the incum- bent of Boxley, Rev Sue Hollins.

Rev John Corbyn

The vacant posts for the new team

will be advertised in the Church Times, with a view to the new team vicar moving into the vicarage at Hollingbourne in 2017. Under the new arrangements Hollingbourne, Hucking, Thurn- ham, Detling, Boxley and Grove Green will merge with Leeds, Broomfield, Kingswood,Othamand Langley under anewteam ministry. This new team will consist of a team rector, Rev John Corbyn, at Holy Cross in Bearsted, team vicar Rev

Steve Hughes at Otham and a new team vicar in Hollingbourne (to be appointed). The team will also be recruiting a “Missioner” – part paid for by a grant from the Church Commission- ers and part by the Diocese of Can- terbury for the next five years – to reach out to families onnewhousing estates around Langley, Otham, and Grove Green. The Missioner will live in the former Boxley church resi- dence in Samphire Close in Grove Green.

Commenting on the public ap-

proval of the changes, area Dean Rev Dick Venn said: “This is wonderful news thatwe will be able to recruit a new team vicar and team missioner. We are grateful to the Church Com- missioners and the Diocese for their support and are looking forward to having more clergy in the Deanery. “It’s excellent that we have been

able to increase our paid staff by half a position (Rev Fry was only half- time) andwe intendnowto develop links with all thenewresidents com- ing into the area and find ways of meeting their spiritual and commu- nity needs.” Fire crews on drone training

ANYONE driving along the A249 recently may have caught sight of this drone. It belongs to Kent Fire and Rescue Service and was on a training exercise at the Detling showground. The fire service has three pilots, trained by the Civil Aviation Authority,

to operate its unmanned DJ1 Inspire 1 A service

spokesman said: “As well as providing an overview of what’s going on on the ground, our drone allows us to deploy the resources needed, as well as reducing risks to the public and other responders.” She said the old airfield at Detling is sometimes used for training

because it provides a large open area to practice various techniques. The fire service notifies the public of any training exercises involving

the drone via social media and on its website and invites anyone with privacy concerns to get in touch.

Commuter turns novelist

WHILE many of us dream of being somewhere else while on our way to work, one commuter from Bearsted has turned her two- hour train ride into an opportu- nity to write a series of books. Philippa W Joyner’s fantasy

world – created while on her way from Hollingbourne to London – is now a chronology of 10 books,

based in Anouka – a parallel world where gifted children fall. The mother-of-two’s book,

which is aimed at children from eight to 14, has already sold more than a thousand copies. Philippa said: “I first started the Anouka idea while commuting. I travel from Hollingbourne, so have over two hours daily.”

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