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Thurnham Parish News Safety fear over parked cars

FRESH concerns have been raised about the cars parked on a dan- gerous bend inWare Street. There were renewed calls for double yellow lines to be placed there to allow traffic to flow more freely in both directions. Councillorswarned that the cars

are parked at the point at which parents and school children cross the road. This may become more

Meetings normally held on the third Monday of each month at the Marriott Tudor Park Hotel. Publicwelcome.

CHAIRMAN:Daniel Skinner CLERK: Sherrie Babington 01634 867173

Local plan date COUNCILLOR John Horne re- ported the Local Plan Inquiry starts on October 4 and hoped there would be a significant presence from Thurnham. Cllr Horne also confirmed sup-

port forMPHelen Whately to “call in” three planning applications made for the A274 which would mean 1,300 more homes next to the Langley Park development. The more support she has, he added, the more ammunition she will have with the secretary of state when it is considered.

critical when the days are shorter in winter. Maidstone borough councillor

Nick de Wiggondene said he hoped to “start a conversation” about the issue at the next full council meeting. Chairman Daniel Skinner said:

“I think that we are going to be pretty grumpy if the answer comes back that we have to wait

until someone gets hurt first.” Cllr Ted Denham said: “The last

thing I want to see are wreaths along that stretch.” PCSO Matt Adlington warned

the result of yellow lines may be an increase in vehicle speeds. But Cllr Mike Stark said: “I have

lived in Bearsted for more than 40 years and I have never been aware of excessive speeds there.”

COUNCILLOR John Horne, who represents Thurnham Parish Coun- cil on the joint parish group (JPG), told fellow members he is “not to- tally opposed” to the Binbury Park housing scheme on the A249 off Detling Hill. The former aerodrome, next to the

Kent Showgrounds, could see up to 1,750 homes and commercial prem- ises in the larger scheme and 350 houses and a bigger industrial space

Standing down THURNHAM’S representative on the county council, Jenny Whittle, will stand down at next May’s elec- tion. The Conservative candidate had not been selected as Downs Mailwent to press.

Home proposals ‘havemerit’ Woodland plan THE Wild Times Woodland Ad- ventures company has informed the parish council of its plan to ex- tend its forestry and educational provision. The community interest com-

in the smaller proposal. Cllr Horne told colleagues: “The

lesser proposals have got merit.” He added that “entrenchment of country parks” could contain further development, especially if a third Thames crossing is planned, as the A249 would become its main feeder route. Cllr Horne said of the present site:

“The reality is the aerodrome is a dump. It’s creeping.”

Next meeting THE next meeting of Thurn- ham Parish Council will take place at the Marriott Tudor Park Hotel at 7.30pm on Octo- ber 17, 2016.

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pany runs a 10-acre site at Howe Court Woods, near Bearsted, offer- ing educational and development programmes. Chairman Daniel Skinner said

the parish council would await the application in due course.

Crime report THERE were no crimes reported from mid-August to mid-Septem- ber in Thurnham, according to PCSO Matt Adlington. However, there was a theft of equipment from Bearsted Golf Club.

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