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We aim to be a school in which physical education caters for the needs and aspirations of each child. We seek to foster the full potential of each child through a range of physical activities, both competitive and non-competitive. We provide opportunities for children to participate in traditional sporting activities such as football, netball, cricket, athletics, basketball and swimming, in addition to gymnastics, dance and outdoor education. We provide this range of activities through the involvement of parents, teachers, local sports clubs, sports promotion groups and Newham Leisure Services.

We allocate at least 5% of our curriculum time to physical education with further enhancements such as our lunchtime sports coaching, annual sports days, extra-curricular sports clubs and participation in organised local competitions. We always aim to involve as many children as possible in the school’s sporting activities and will

continue to do so. STATEMENT ON ARTS

At Manor we provide the children with a wide range of opportunities to learn through the arts. We aim to engage all the children through these activities and to foster their creativity. We see the arts as an ideal way to raise children’s self-esteem and to develop perseverance, cooperation and confidence. We employ a teacher-artist in school to support the development of art across the curriculum. We have systematically developed teaching and learning models which embed art as a form of learning. We teach many cross curricular units with an arts focus.

The children have the opportunity to participate in arts events and visits, and are provided with a range of experiences to develop their understanding of art forms. We regularly have whole school arts projects providing

the children with opportunities to participate in large scale work.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES We run a wide range of after school activities which change from term to term. Some are run by school staff and some by outside agencies that we organise to come in. There are choices for all ages of children, and we try hard

to cater for the requests made to us by children and parents. We are always open to suggestions!

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