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We have a wide range of policies that set out how we teach the children as well as how the school is run. These have been written in consultation with staff and governors, and where appropriate with children and parents.

The full range of school policies can be viewed on the website. ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY

We want your child to feel settled and happy and to make good progress in school. To achieve this, it is important that your child comes to school regularly and on time. We acknowledge and reward good attendance with an end of year celebration for children who have 99 or 100% attendance.

We expect that children attend school every day. We understand that occasionally they are ill and will need to be kept at home, however the expectation is that they are in school at least 95% of the time. You may be asked to provide medical evidence if your child has missed a lot of school.

The law makes parents/carers responsible for their child’s attendance at school from the time the child comes into school in the term they are 5 years old. If your child does not attend school, or if he/she is often late, you can be taken to court by the Local Authority. We will meet with parents if attendance becomes a concern, and may involve the Attendance Management Service.

If your child is absent or late for school, it is important to let us know the reason – by phoning, speaking to a member of staff or by writing to us. If you have some difficulty getting your child to school, please contact the Head Teacher, or the Child Welfare & Inclusion Officer. We may be able to help. We strongly discourage families from going on holiday during term time. We are unable to authorise time taken out of school, except in very extraordinary situations. Taking a child out of school on an unauthorised holiday could result in the parents being fined by the Local Authority or the child losing their school place.

Attendance and punctuality

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