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Manor Primary School HOME LEARNING

We believe that home learning is a vital link in the working partnership between children, parents and staff. Worthwhile tasks that are completed at home enable children to appreciate the help and support of their families in “thinking together” and enables parents to help and be involved in their children’s education. It also has an important role to play in reinforcing and extending the learning and teaching that has taken place in the classroom.

The Purpose of Homework • To develop an effective partnership between school, parents and other carers in pursuing the aims of the school in helping all children to achieve their potential;

• To widen pupils’ learning experiences and to raise the awareness of parents to the availability and variety of additional learning resources e.g. library, ICT, seeking the experiences of others;

• To provide an opportunity for parents to become more involved in the academic development of their child;

• To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly in literacy and maths; • To exploit resources for learning of all kinds at home and in the wider world; • To provide an enjoyable and purposeful supplement to class work; • To extend school learning, for example, through additional reading; • To encourage children as they get older to develop the confidence and self discipline needed to study independently.

Home Learning in Nursery & Reception

Learning together is the emphasis for children in Nursery & Reception. The activities are literacy based with a strong emphasis on talking and reading together. It is an ideal time to lay the foundations for continuing work at home.

Home Learning in Key Stage1

For children in Key Stage One we encourage parents to work together with their child to support them with their homework. The emphasis remains on Literacy and reading but we include ways in which children can be supported with important maths skills. Children will also be given a curriculum related project to complete each half term.

Home Learning in Key Stage 2 As children get older, homework provides an opportunity for them to develop the skill of independent learning. It is important that parents support their children but good habits of independent study should be encouraged.

The main focus for homework in Key Stage 2 continues to be Literacy and Maths however children will be given more varied tasks in other areas of the curriculum and a curriculum related project to complete each half term.

Home Learning

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