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Manor Primary School OUR MISSION STATEMENT Manor Primary School is a vibrant learning community where everyone is enthusiastic, motivated and valued.

We offer a warm welcome to all in a secure, nurturing environment that is both creative and stimulating. We develop enthusiastic learners, who are independent and creative thinkers with open, enquiring minds.

Our children are motivated, confident and responsible learners and citizens. Our staff is committed to developing and enabling children to be confident in their abilities, to encouraging high expectations and nurturing aspirations.

Our parents and carers are involved and supportive; not only with the education of their own children but with the school as a whole.

Our governors are actively involved and positively challenging.

By maintaining the highest expectations of ourselves and of others, we provide opportunities to enable everyone to fulfil their potential. We believe in the future of our school community.

MOTTO “Learning to learn”

SCHOOL AIMS At Manor we believe

People learn best when they are motivated and enthusiastic, feel secure, are involved in their own learning and have high expectations to aim for.

Everyone needs to feel equal, valued as an individual and for their unique contribution to the school community.

Learning happens both at home and at school and it maximises opportunities for the children when everybody concerned is fully engaged in this process.

Therefore we aim To enable the children to reach their full potential, and achieve the highest standards they are capable of, by matching their learning needs with the teaching. For our staff to be able to deliver high quality teaching in a creative way, work collaboratively and to have high expectations of the children and of themselves. To foster positive working relationships with parents and carers in order to enable them to actively participate

in their child’s learning. Our vision and aims

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