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Manor Primary School


Generally medicines are not given to children in school. However, in some circumstances arrangements can be made. A written request must be made on behalf of the child by someone having parental responsibility. A record will be kept of all drugs to be administered at school. It is very important that the school is aware of any medical condition that a child suffers from, and how it may affect them at school. Children who suffer from asthma must have their pump(s) in school at all times, clearly labelled with their name. The school should be aware of

relevant doses.

ROAD SAFETY Road safety is a topic covered regularly within the school curriculum. We have regular visits from theatre groups conveying important safety messages. We ask that parents do not park on the yellow zig-zag lines outside the school gates when dropping off or picking up. This is important as it helps us to

ensure that the children are kept safe. VALUABLES

No jewellery should be worn to school. If your child has pierced ears, only studs or very small sleepers should be worn. The exception to this is a watch, or a necklace with religious significance. Please do not let your child bring valuable items into school.

Children are only allowed to bring a mobile phone into school if they are going home on their own at the end of the school day. If this is the case, we need a letter from home taking responsibility for the phone, and the child needs to give it in at the main reception for safe-keeping during the day.

If children need to bring money into school then it would be helpful to provide a small purse or money belt. This also needs to be given to an adult for safe-keeping. Anything valuable brought into school for the above reasons should be clearly named.


The children will do PE either once or twice a week depending on their age. They need a PE kit to change into which should be a white T-shirt and blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms, depending on the time of year. They will also need plimsolls or trainers. Please ensure all these items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Health and safety

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