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CLUB: Stretch Fitness

Summerside, PEI (

OWNER: Corey Arsenault

CHALLENGE NAME: Turbulence Training Transformation Challenge (90 days)

HOW IT WORKS: Members visit www.transforma- and pay $47 to register for the Turbulence Training Transformation Challenge (TTTC) where they receive a workout program and eating plan. They submit their weight and a photo to the TTTC Facebook page each week to docu- ment their progress. Sixteen Stretch Fitness mem- bers have completed the Challenge over the past year, and 13 have won a total of $13,250 in prize money (paid by TTTC). The club supports members along the way with a great facility with a full range of equipment, personal training and group exercise programs.

BUDGET: The only expense is $80 per quarter for a banner that showcases members’ before/aſter photos and results.

MARKETING: Challenge participants’ progress is posted on Stretch Fitness’ very active Facebook page and in its monthly e-newsletter. A Stretch in- structor, who is also a graphic designer, creates all of the marketing campaign items as part of her job.

BENEFITS: Stretch spends very little time promot- ing and running the challenge. TTTC judges it and awards the prizes, but Stretch gets the benefit of its members’ great results. Stretch is branded as a weight loss and exercise facility, so members’ suc- cesses in the challenge have been great marketing. The club’s limited involvement in the marketing and coordination of the challenge makes it stress- free and a perfect fit for the busy club.

CLUB: Reh-Fit Center

Winnipeg, Manitoba (

CHALLENGE NAME: 90 Day Challenge

ORGANIZER: Janet Cranston, director of support services

HOW IT WORKS: Members join a team of 10 to 15 and one coach/staff member. The current challenge has 75 members par- ticipating. There is a team challenge each week (e.g., a TRX workout, balance assess- ment, circuit class, etc.), three educations sessions and three mystery challenges (e.g., slacklining, Zumba, chorus line dance workout, etc.). Points are collected (and posted) weekly for attending these events, plus for attending group fitness classes and doing personal workouts. One team wins based on points, and it chooses an MVP.

BUDGET: $1,650 ($1,400 for participant T-shirts; $250 for wrap-up party and prizes, such as entrance to next year’s challenge, massages, restau- rant giſt certificates, etc.), plus expenses for staff time. Members pay $75 to participate.

MARKETING: Promotion is done in-house with posters, advertising on plasma screens and in its member newsletter, via group fitness announce- ments and by word of mouth. All marketing pieces are created by an ex- ternal professional graphic designer.

BENEFITS: The 90 Day Challenge has created a real buzz around the centre. Members meet new friends, try new activi- ties, and they find the team aspect helps them stay on track. The challenge helps increase member engagement, cre- ates an environment where members meet staff and fellow members, and it services.

introduces members to new programs and

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