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Dennis Keiser, circa 1979, designing a new piece of equipment.


n 1982, Dotmar Fitness Equipment, born from a love for the sport of weightliſting,

opened as a supplier and distributor of weight- liſting and fitness equipment and supplies. The business has always been based on three

top priorities: fitness knowledge, equipment quality and cus- tomer service. Today it is a leader in the commercial fitness equipment industry in Canada. With over 31 years in busi- ness, Dotmar is one of the oldest fitness equipment suppliers in Canada. That’s a lot of experience!

OJMAR Ojmar original founders

locks in 1945. Much later, in the 1970s, the company followed market trends and began producing locks for the furniture and leisure (sports and fitness) markets. In 1998, it introduced new manufacturing principles, and it built a state-of-the-art production plant in the town of Elgoibar in its home country of Spain. Ojmar now produces a wide range of electronic and mechanical locks designed specifically for wet and humid locker rooms, as well as a full line of modern furniture locks.




iosig Instruments Inc. (Biosig) is a Canadian fit-

The Original Insta-Pulse (1977)

ness electronics and prod- ucts designer and manufac- turer since 1975. Biosig has received numerous interna- tional awards, diplomas and medals for several of found- er and president Gregory Lekhtman’s inventions. Biosig invented, produced and marketed the Insta-Pulse family of heart rate moni- tors, the Tele-Pulse family of radio telemetry heart rate

monitors, Antache, an anti-headache device, Antense, an anti- stress device, fitness computers for exercise machines, an electronic gym muscle strength analyzer, Exerlopers no-impact running shoes, Body Trim universal exerciser, and Sea Jogger, a water-walking recreational exerciser. Biosig continues to enhance its line of products to satisf future market needs.




n 1988, Sam Maduri and Ben Whitham met

to discuss the idea of a hygienic foot sprayer for Canadian fitness clubs. Soon aſter, the two be- came business part- ners and Petra Hygienic Systems was born. In the 25 years fol-

lowing, Petra has ex- panded its product line, opened offices and dis- tribution centres across the U.S. and Canada, and serviced customers around the world. While the HySpray Foot Sprayer is still avail-

able, Petra has pioneered and introduced many innovative products. The Anti-Theſt Towel System, the Wizard IV Soap Station, as well as a full range of towels, equipment wipes and hun- dreds of premium body care products make ev- ery visit to a fitness club more enjoyable.


jmar was originally founded in 1928 as a weapons manufacturer dur- ing the Spanish Civil War, and then started manufacturing mechanical


n the early 1970s, Dennis Keiser was hired to design the first variable resistance ma-

chines for a leading manufacturer. A year later, he launched a consulting engineering com- pany that specialized in exercise equipment design. In 1976, Dennis and his brother Randy formed Keiser Corporation, which led to the creation of the first air-powered variable resistance exercise machines in 1978. Keiser’s creations remain at the cutting edge of the industry, responsible for new methods of building fitness and greater protocols in medicine.

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