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Make the Right First

Impression Follow this checklist for interview success


receive resumes from job candi- dates every day, screen candidates daily and interview often. And I

am constantly amazed that many of them pay little attention to detail and customization when a applying for a specific role. I am also lost for words at the number of times I discover that a candidate has not even reviewed the website of the company they are ap- plying to. If you truly want to be noticed and

move your name to the top of the pile, get with the program and follow these tips.

History of the company. Latest news. The blog.

Research other positions like this, and gather information. Find people on LinkedIn who are in a similar role or the same role. Become familiar with the vocabulary of the industry or the specific role.

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This is the potential employer’s first impression of you. It can be brief, but be sure it summarizes your skills and why you are the best candidate for the role based on your experience.

3 16 Fitness Business Canada March/April 2014

Create a cover letter. Never send a resume without a cover letter.

Take time to read the job de- scription or role expectations.

Research the company. Carefully review its website. The team.

mary relates to the position. Check all spelling and grammar. Be honest. Review your resume prior to the inter- view to clarify all your talking points.


document appropriately. Remember that professionalism is key.

tial employer. Be courteous. Be profes- sional. Check your spelling and gram- mar, again.

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where you will be meeting. Who will you be meeting with? Ensure you have the correct location and directions and contact information of the person you are meeting. Arrive 30 minutes in advance.

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Plan ahead what to wear, and dress up. Look professional from

Prior to the interview, know ex- actly the time, date and precisely

Use appropriate salutations when communicating with the poten-

Send your cover letter and re- sume in PDF format. Name the

Customize your resume for the role. Ensure your objective or sum-

your hair to your shoes, and remain conservative with your choices.

a pen. Prepare and practise your re- sponses to interview questions in advance.

9 To really make a great impression

you need to slow down and stop fir- ing off resumes to all ads and opportu- nities. Pay greater attention to detail, and customize your cover letter and resume so that it becomes obvious you have done your homework.

Paula Comfort has more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry and has per- formed in almost every role in a health club setting. She is currently a partner in her own consulting company

360impact Group with an expertise in recruit- ment of top industry talent. 360impact Group has an extensive database of candidates for all roles in the health club industry. Contact her at or 416-565-6025.

Take a briefcase or portfolio, a copy of your resume, paper and

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