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March is so nothingy. It’s like that hinterland between seasons and therefore, fun. Tere’s a fair amount going on music wise though folks, so maybe we should all agree to cheer the eff up and go and see some shows, it’s good for the soul.

Heavens Basement

Totally psychedelic psych rock heading your way from psychic* psych rockers Toy w/ Proper Ornaments atTe Waterfront Studioon the1st.Or there’s sweet ass Paper Aeroplanes atNACthe very same night. OR you can catch the legendary Wilko JohnsonatNorwich Blues Festival 2. Living with cancer, Wilko’s performances are rare and to be cherished.


Also on the 1st you can see the 8-piece ‘Maet Loaf’ (Tribute to MeatLoaf) LOL. Tat’s atTe Brickmakers.

Beth Neilsen Chapmanbrings her country musings toEpic Studioson the3rd.She’s quite a big deal and that.

On the7th there’s a free show at Epic feat chilled out slacker-rock band Happyness with Other Half (love them) and Southlakes. Free is my second favourite price after “I’ll pay you to take it away”.

Also on the 7th, local favesFour Days in Maylaunch their EP - 'Citizens & Rivers' at Open along withDarwin and the Dinosaur and Tied To Te Mast.Dance hall pioneer Yellowmanhits up NACwith Dillinger also on the7th.

Metal timez on the8th as Cyclamen / Lunar Viscera / Synapik / End Soteriaall play theKing Edward VII.

Te Toy Hearts play country and wear hats atNACon the8th.Expect heart-related merch. Maybe even real life animal hearts. Probably not though.

Nick MulveyplaysNACon the10thand on the 11thyou can watch wife / husband duo (barf) Trevor Moss & Hannah-LouplayTe Bicycle Shop.

Again on the13th,Keep Upand Crystal Bats playOPENin celebration of Norwich Fashion Week.

On the14th,Gnarly Unsignedpresents I Dream Awake, F.E.A.R, Swarmed & Bob Gandolf atTe Waterfront Studio. Apparently there may or may not be music industry members in attendance. Okay then.

Folk duoSpiers and BodenplayOPENon the 14th or you can check out John Otway atNAC.Reverend And Te Makers take a break from having slagging matches on Twitter to playTe Waterfront also on the 14th.

Polar playEpic Studioson the12th. It’s hardcore punk from Guilford. Apaz.

Heaven's Basement play theWaterfront with Glamour Of Te Kill + Te Dirty Youth on the13th. Also on the 13th,Gnarwolves make a welcome return to Norwich in support of Wilhelm Scream.Tat’s at the Waterfront Studioand Menshevikare opening up.

Superfood & Te Heartbreaks@ Te Waterfronton the16th.

Maximo Parkhave been moved toTe Waterfront from theUEAon the17th.Awks. Te incredibleBassekou Kouyate& Ngoni Baare at NACalso on the 17th.

Mash up genius Jaguar Skills is at the Waterfronton the21st.Or head down to NACwhere you’ll be smacked in the face with another installment of Pony Up.

Karybdis play atB2on the22ndwith Aeolist + End Soteria + Unhallowed.I went to school with the lead singer of Karybdis, so I’ll see you down the front.



On the15thhead toClutter City atNACto get your trinkets as well as check out new music fromBroads, Emily Winngand Wooden Arms too. Delicious.

One of my faves, Joan As Police Woman playsNACon the15th.She’s totally excellent. Or you could revisit 2006 with Te FeelingatThe Waterfronton the15th. Tey’ve been a band for 19 years?!

Old schoolersWe Are Scientists play with on the28th.

You can end the month withPeter Mulvey, who plays Te Bicycle Shopon the31st, or with some fresh new jams from Saint RaymondatNACon the31st.

Chris Pureka @ Te Bicycle Shopon the23rd. Singy, singy, guitar, guitar.

Due-to-be-bigCoasts hit up NACon the25th.

Popular contemporary music group Metronomyare at the UEAon the26th.

Check out Ed Sheeran’s main ladLuke Concannon

(Nizlopi), who plays with Jimmy Davisand Grant LeyatTeBirdcage

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