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would be easy to forgive a band, who are almost fifteen years into their musical

journey, for some level of apathy. A lack of energy in their output, a disinterest in their press duties. Not so, dear fellow, not so at all when you have the playful and humble minds of the We Are Scientists boys. With their fourth full-length release seeing light of day this month, and a single like ‘Dumb Luck’, which has all the vigour of a randy teenager, the maintained energy in their music is affirmed. But how about this, probably their 1,347th press interview? Still the same enthusiasm, trademark humour and humility? You bet your bottom dollar. We have to thank Chris Cain, sincerely, for his time ahead of the tour…

I remember many years ago, you came over to England for the NME Tour. You were fresh-faced and eight years younger than you are now. Do you remember the tour? Sure thing.

You really left your mark on the UK, didn’t you? We just seem to love you. Yeah. Tere’s no question about that.

Do you have the same level of success at home in the US? I couldn’t gauge it from this standpoint. Not quite; we do alright here but if you were to look at the average size theatre we play on a tour of the US, it would be probably half the size of the average theatre in the UK, so do with that what you will.

Coming back here as well, you’ve been tremendously loyal; you could’ve just reaped the benefits of our affection and then never returned, but you come back a lot. It’s always tempting; it was tempting. Tere were those who told us that’s what we should have done.

You stole something last time you left, 16 / March 2014/

We Are Scientists

and that thing was Andy Burrows – - Ah, yes.

He’s played drums on the new album, ‘TV en Français’ too, hasn’t he? He wasn’t just a fly by night. Nope, he’s become an integral part of the We Are Scientists machine. Tis is his second record he’s collaborated with us on and he actually moved to New York for a year to work on the damn thing with us, which was excessive on his part, but you know, impressed us. Now he’s back in the UK, but we’ve got the record, so… who won, I ask you?

Did he integrate well into New York City? Did he integrate well? Yeah, he was much beloved. He left the City with more friends than either Keith or I have. Probably more than the two of us combined. Tat’s a little bit nettling. Tat nettled us.

But I know him to be a very interesting fellow, and a workhorse of a musician. Music to him, you know – he lives and breathes more purely as a musician than anyone I know. It’s What. He. Does. And there’s nothing more he wants to do. He does enjoy a cheeky beer down

the pub though – he does like to do that. What I’ve learnt from listening to you over the years is that you guys know how to structure a melody that you can hang your hat on and then you seem to play around that, from there. How close to the actual songwriting process am I there, or am I just pissing in the wind? Well certainly we don’t move forward with a piece of music, or even really consider it a song until there’s, as you say, a melody to hang one’s hat on. We’re not a groove-based band; we wouldn’t find a cool groove and say, “ooh, we should make that into a song.” Tat would never be a starting place for We Are Scientists. It’s always the melody, and then once there’s something interesting there, then it’s a matter of bringing some kind of cool flavour to it; some kind of feel, then the lyrics and so forth. You’re dead on.

I like the way ‘Return the Favour’, from the new album, does that; it lures you in – you feel like you’re being softly swaddled by the song – then it breaks down at the end. Is that where you really go to town, where you can really express yourselves as musicians? In ‘Return the Favour’? Yeah, for sure; I

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