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If you’re the kind of person that reads the film pages in free magazines - and I assume

you are – then I’d confidently guess you’ve already seen Alfonso Cuarón’s breath-taking space odyssey. Right? You have? Jolly good. Me too. I’m now going to tell you to watch it again. See, the advantage of writing DVD reviews, rather than the cinema reviews like what m’ colleague Smiley has to do, is that it occasionally affords the luxury of multiple viewings of a film, and Gravity certainly benefits from repeat appraisal. Second time round I was less enthralled by the ground-breaking visuals, nail- biting drama and Clooney’s massive dreamy face, and I got a story that


07 MarTe Grand Budapest HotelWes Anderson’s latest dreamlike comedy creation introduces us to Gustave, the concierge at the aforementioned hotel. Every frame of this movie is beautifully thought out as always, as the various cameo-laden threads unfold to a satisfyingly quirky conclusion.

14 Mar Under Te SkinJonathon Glazer stands on some big-booted toes as he makes this deeper than average alien-meets/eats-boy story. One part Lynch, two parts Kubrick with a dash of Von Trier, all this starring Scarlett Johansson and set in Scotland. Blimey.

21 Mar Blood TiesA gritty, 1970s New York crime drama is always welcome. Even more so one that has the combined beauty of Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis AND Marion Cotillard in it. Are there even any blokes in it? Oh yeah, James Cann and Clive Owen. Well, I’m sure they’re good too.

28 Mar Captain America: Te Winter SoldierMarvell (get it?) as the first Avenger returns in his second or third film. By now you know the inter-textual deal; it will have some, but not all, of the other Avengers in it and as such, some, but not all, of the magic. You’ll need to see it though, otherwise when Avengers 2 comes out, you won’t know what happened on his day off. Smiley


10 MarEnder’s GameGreat source material well told, beautiful to look at and a stellar cast, but it’s a bit too eggy to be a truly great Sci-Fi film. Don’t know what I mean by “eggy”? Watch this. It’s eggy as fuck.

17 MarTe Hunger Games: Catching FireYou know what? I haven’t got a clue. I thought the first one was OK, and I love a bit of JeLaw, but I wasn’t moved to see the second. Make your own mind up.

24 Mar PhilomenaDench charms – as always – and Coogan blossoms in this warm, touching and genuinely funny unlikelybuddy-up. A BAFTAs triumph and Oscars contender for good reason.

31 Mar FrozenIf you’re the kind of person to whom the words “hilarious snowman” sound appealing, then you’ve hit pay-dirt here. Frankly, I’d rather have my eyes replaced with pieces of coal and my penis eaten by a rabbit (that’s what the carrot’s for, right?) Snowballs, if you ask me. Jay Freeman

was much deeper than the trains- planes-and-automobiles-in-space I’d watched initially. Here was a film rich in metaphor and symbolism; a tale of the triumph (or otherwise) of spirit and will; an allegorical and strangely sensitive story of someone overcoming profound personal tragedy. Don’t believe me? Fine. But answer me this question: What exactly caused the great loss in our heroine’s life? Ponder that and I think you’ll agree that there’s a deeper meaning to this story. I hope that doesn’t seem pretentiously cryptic, but it is, so it will. Te thing is, I don’t want to give anything away for the kind of people that read the film pages in free magazines without having seen a movie which pretty much everyone agrees is an absolute masterpiece, myself included. Jay Freeman

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